Swift Crew Rescues Two AF Pilots

The crew of PCF 53, a Navy Swift boat operating out of Cat Lo, rescued two Air Force pilots July 27 when their F-100 Supersabre was downed by unknown causes 21 miles south of Phan Rang Air Base.

The plane broadcast a "Mayday" distress signal and headed for the coastline.    The pilots ejected over water.

The Swift boat, on routine Market Time patrol, spotting the parachutes, rescued the two airmen.

A helicopter later picked up the two men and returned them to the air base.    They were uninjured.

As reported in July 29, 1968 issue of  Stars and Stripes.


Note: The two helicopter pilots received "The Distinguished Flying Cross" for their part in this rescue, the crew of PCF 53 received a "thank you!"


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