CosDiv insignias

Who Designed the Coastal Division Insignias?
Cos Div 11 insignia  Not currently known!
Cos Div 12 Insignia  Who designed the Coastal Division 12 patch?
The original was just a painting I did while on PCF 14, it was located on the inside of the front bow hatch cover and could only be seen when that hatch was open. I also duplicated it on several other boats prior to end of my tour. It was apparently modified somewhat after my tour ... another old mystery solved.
RM3 Robert Donald Pruess
PCF 14 - DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai, March thru August 1967
Cos Div 13 insignia  Not currently known!
Cos Div 14 insignia  Not currently known!
CovDiv 15 insignia Not currently known!
CosDiv 16 patchWho designed Coastal Division 16 patch?   Beer!
Five or six of us, off patrol, decided we needed a patch. I painted the orginal on a 4x8 sheet of plywood, on the floor of our make shift British Pub. The spade represented bad luck to the VN. The skull was the wandering dead VC. We put it all on the flag of VN. The three red stripes in the VN flag worked out well, we surmised, under hearldery guidelines, the red stripes stood for "tested under fire." I refused to paint crossed bones under the skull, it reminded me of the Nazi SS. I suggested "En Garde" for our motto, but was over ruled with "No Quarter." LOTS of beer contributed to our patch.
Of note:   We had to keep our pilot house doors closed when we traveled to DaNang, the CosDiv 16 shield was frowned upon by senior officers, it also always caused quite a stir from the sailors on the DD's during our the ice cream runs.
 LTJG Edward John Bergin
PCF-79 - Chu Lai, 1967-68