Vietnam Combatant-Craft Crewman Insignia


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Authorized to be worn only by U.S. Navy and
U.S. Coast Guard Task Force 115 Vietnam Veterans
who meet the following criteria:

1) Completed Patrol Craft Fast (PCF) Crew Training (exception granted to those PCF crewmen who accomplished hands on training in the Pacific as swift boats were being outfitted and made ready for their deployment to Vietnam).
2) Individuals attached to Task Force 115, Boat Squadron One / Coastal Squadron One, during the Vietnam War (30 July 1965 through 1 December 1970).

Duty at one of the following:

For PCF Crewmen:
PCF Division 101 / Coastal Squadron 11 --- An Thoi (Phu Quoc, Sea Float, Nam Cam)
PCF Division 102 / Coastal Squadron 12 --- DaNang (DaNang, Chu Lai, Hue, Cua Viet)
PCF Division 103 / Coastal Squadron 13 --- Cat Lo (Cat Lo, Sea Float, Nam Cam)
PCF Division 104 / Coastal Squadron 14 --- Cam Ranh Bay
PCF Division 105 / Coastal Squadron 15 --- Qui Nhon
Coastal Squadron 16 --- Chu Lai

For Coast Guard Crewmen:
Coast Guard Squadron One / Coastal Division 11 --- An Thoi
Coast Guard Squadron One / Coastal Division 12 --- DaNang
Coast Guard Squadron One / Coastal Division 13 --- Cat Lo

For PACV Crewman:
PCF Division 107 / Coastal Division 17

4) Assigned to permanent duty station as a designated crewman aboard Swiftboats (PCFs), Coast Guard Cutters (WPBs) or PACVs.
5) Personnel attached to Inshore Undersea Warfare Group One, WestPac detachment
(15 November 1966 through 25 November 1970) as LCPL crewmen.
6) STABLEDOOR crewmen whose duty was Harbor Entrance Picket Boats on Boston Whaler's or Skimmer Craft.

The Vietnam Combatant-Crewman Insignia is only
obtainable from the the Swift Boat Sailor's Association,
after providing documentation meeting the above criteria.