Data Submission Guidelines

Recent events have prompted me to put together this set of guidelines,
for submission of information, by individuals, to be included on this website.

The number of "WANABEES" has gone up exponentially, with the volume of e-mails being transmitted between
myself and those wanting their names and exploits to be highlighted on this site now getting totally out of control.

Therefore: From this point forward (8 September 2007) the following guidelines are in force for all initial postings:

Initial information concerning anyone wishing to have their name included on this site, "MUST" provide,
via hard copy of original, verifiable documents and at a minimum, the following ...

  Examples include:        
    a) Naval service: - DD-214 (you may block out all information deemed non-revealable by you, however complete name, rate and service information must be viewable.)
    b) Swiftboat service: - Naval orders assigning individual to swiftboat training in Coronado or Mare island.
        - Graduation certificate from swiftboat training.
        - Naval orders transferring individual from swiftboat training to Vietnam service at either COMBOATRON 1 or COMCOSRON 1.
        - Naval orders transferring individual from one swiftboat division to another.
        - Any other type of Vietnam service travel orders that mention swiftboat divisions.
        - Naval award documentation concerning actions having taking place during swiftboat duty.
        - Dated and verifiable vietnam era news articles mentioning an individual by name and also mentioning his swiftboat assignment, division, base and or commander.
        - After action reports mentioning individual by name.
        - Your complete full name, no initials or nickname; complete current residential address; phone number and e-mail address (if you have one); rank/rate while serving in Vietnam; boat number(s); dates of service on these boats; names of your crewmembers; swiftboat bases attached to and any note worthy facts about your service, crew or actions you were involved in.
*** Nothing is more important to the history of swiftboats in Vietnam than your FULL COMPLETE name as it is the one thing that distinctly identifies YOU!!!
    c) Advisor service: - All of the above (items a & b) that are applicable.
    d) CSC service: - All of the above (items a & b) that are applicable.
    e) Support services: - All of the above (items a & b) that are applicable.
  Note:   It is not my responsibility to prove your naval service or assignment to swiftboat duty, rather it is my task to question all information provided by you that cannot be verified!
This site is a history of Swiftboats, the bases they trained at, the bases where they were stationed in Vietnam and the sailors who served on them and those who supported that service.

All information posted on this site "IS" verified using as many different official sources as possible!

All submissions, either new or additions and or corrections to already
posted information can and should be forwarded to:

or you can contact the

"keeper of the swiftee listings"
Larry Wasikowski, US Navy Commander (Retired)
Radarman Second Class, PCF-58
DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue/Cua Viet---6/68-5/69
Omaha, NE (402) 331-2504


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