All to often the question comes up as to how do
you go about finding someone's name or some other type of
information amongst the vast array of info
presented on your website?



what follows could be called

"Webpage Search 101"


All of the major internet access programs
(Internet Explorer, AOL, Mozilla, MSN or Netscape)
offer you the ability to thoroughly search a webpage
looking for names, key words, dates or
letter number combinations by ...

1) Holding the CTRL key down and then pressing the "F" key
     - this will open a small box on your screen entitled "FIND"
2) In the "Find what:" block, type the information you wish to locate
     - you may check the match blocks as you wish but they can lower
       your chances of quickly finding your requested information
3) Click the "Find Next" with your left mouse button or simply press
     the "Enter" key on your keyboard
     - this will bring up the first match on the webpage of your
       requested information
4) To find the next match to your request, simply repeat step #3
     - you may change your information request at any time by simply
       typing in a new request in the "Find what:" box

When you have searched the entire webpage and no further matches can be found, you can either select the "Cancel" key or change your search parameters and start over again.


Best of Luck, I hope you are able to find the info you are looking for!


This month, November 2007, I was introduced to an EXTREMELY  useful
"FREE" add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 5.5 and up.

It is called "Inline Search" and is available by visiting the following site:

This add-on makes searching a entire webpage SIMPLE as it searches as you type and will find and mark all matches to your input.
It will also immediately tell if there are no matches to your input available on the selected page.



"The WAZ"


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