Requests for Verification and Procurement of Awards from Retired and Former Personnel

Requests from retired and former Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard personnel shall be directed to:

National Records Center
Attn: Military Personnel Records - (Navy),  (Marine Corp) or (Coast Guard)
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Include the following prior service data in each request:

You can download a copy of the U.S. Government Standard Form 180 (SF180) to make a request for Verification or Procurement of Awards by going to the following website:

NOTE:   This two sided, legal sized paper (8 " x 14") form, is downloadable only in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf).
If do not have the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (9.0), you can get a totally FREE download by clicking on the logo below!

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Individual awards information and the request for awards verification format, are based on SECNAVINST 1650.1F, of 8 August 1991 (Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual).

In April 2004 the Navy started up a new awards website called NDAWS (see below) that allows you to look up your own, individual, personal awards. However be aware that the longer ago you left the active navy the longer it will be before your award record appears on the site.

This is a general public accessible site.

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You can access NDAWS by double-clicking on the above image or by going to: