1 December 1968


"For the families and Friends of the "NUMBAH ONE" SWIFT Boat Division"


    This is the first issue of the Coastal Division ELEVEN Family-Gram, and as Division Commander, I would like to give you a brief history of the division.

    The first "Swift" boats arrived at An Thoi, republic of Vietnam on 30 October 1965 and commenced patrolling the Gulf of Thailand coastline only four hours after arrival. The mission of the division is to prevent enemy infiltration of men and war materials into South Vietnam by sea. From this mission, and being the first such Swift division established, the motto "NUMBAH ONE WATCHDOG" was derived. An original drawing of the cartoon character "Snoopy" created by Charles Schultz in the "Peanuts" comic strip is included on the division insignia.

    Maintaining a continuous patrol of the Gulf of Thailand coastline as part of Operation Market Time (a joint U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard effort in Vietnam), Coastal Division ELEVEN personnel have searched literally thousands of watercraft ranging from small sampans to very large junks. This constant surveillance has all but strangled enemy infiltration by sea. Performing the secondary mission of naval gunfire support for friendly troops ashore, the Swift boat crews have prevented many small outposts and villages from being overrun by the enemy. At the present time, we are engaged in an offensive aimed at wresting the rich delta area from the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army. The performance of the division has been outstanding with every man carrying quite a burden. I am proud to be part of this very fine group of dedicated American Navymen.

    Recently, several men received promotions. On 16 October, the following men were advanced to higher pay grades indicated:
        Radioman Third Roy Barnes, Electronic's Technician First Louis Hahn, Quartermaster First David Jacques, Quartermaster First Robert Kline,
        Gunner's Mate Third Fred Prysock, Boatswain's Mate Second Richard Prevett, Boatswain's Mate Second David Scroggins,
        Radarman Second James Thomas, Boatswain's Mate Second Barry Wright, Quartermaster First Rex Young and Boatswain's Mate Second
        Walter Davis.
    On 16 November, the following men were advanced to higher pay grades:
        Radarman Second Class Anthony Golstor, Radarman Third Gregory Cybulski, Radarman Third Duncan Taylor and Radarman Third
        Donald Brown.
These men all richly deserved their promotions and we are all proud of their efforts to advance themselves.

    On 26 November, Vice Admiral Zumwalt, Commander Naval Forces Vietnam presented awards indicated to the following men in a ceremony held here:

        Lieutenant (jg) Terrance Costello - Bronze Star and Purple Heart
        Lieutenant (jg) Balok - Bronze Star
        Lieutenant (jg) Larry Stoneberg - Bronze Star
        Lieutenant Commander George Elliott - Bronze Star
        Lieutenant Michael Brown - Purple Heart
        Quartermaster Second David Clayton - Purple Heart
        Seaman David Hemenway - Bronze Star
        Radarman Third Jimmy Sanford - Bronze Star
        Gunner's Mate Third Fred Prysock - Bronze Star
        Engineman Third Richard Trussoni - Bronze Star

    The above awards were all received as a result of combat action and to these men we all express our whole-hearted congratulations. Many awards are due other men of this command which have not yet been approved.

    As the holiday season approaches us, I would like to join with the men of Coastal Division ELEVEN in wishing all families and friends back home best wishes for a Merry Christmas and the hope for a Happy, Peaceful New Year.


Very Sincerely,                        



George M. Elliott       
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy        
Commander Coastal Division ELEVEN    


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