Call Signs


Call Sign Name Comments
25 knot ?Baker - but which one? never went anywhere at less than 25 knots
Admiral Peter T. Deutermann
Alfie "N" Arlie J. Pope
Alky "T" Timothy W. Tedford
Alpha Potato William B. Rood Jr.
Amtrac John H. Gordon
Anchor Clanker
Ancient Mariner Oliver K. Evans
Appalachia William L. Auxier Jr was from West Virginia
Attilla Hotel David G. Koffler
Axelrod Robert B. Shirley
Baby Fats Robert H. Emery
Baby Huey David J. Clark big, jovial and young
Baby San Arthur B. Cannon that's what the girls in Vung Tau called him, so pretty soon it became his nickname and eventually his call sign
Baby-San Three Christopher Mayer
Baccardi "C" William L. Schachte
Bald Eagle Peter A. Roe
Bandit Joseph A. Mastro
Barong James S. Barona his name's similarity to the Filipino tropical shirt maker
Batman William L. Schachte
Batman Thomas R. Sheridan
Batman's Roommate Dennis E. Carroll
Beach Boy Jack W. Merkley All he ever wanted was to be on the beach holding a beer
Beetle Ian M. Bailey
Bent Arrow Doug Burgess had been "Straight Arrow" before he went on R&R in Bangkok
Bent Screw Virgil A. Erwin III Does this really need explanation! If so, how about high and dry on a reef.
Bent Fender Thomas W. Yankura
Big Daddy Doug Armstrong delivered a baby in a sampan, was written up in "Stars and Stripes"
Big Dripper Philip E. Mayer two callsigns that both leave you wondering about the reasons behind them
Big Grunt Philip E. Mayer two callsigns that both leave you wondering about the reasons behind them
Big Jack Jack L. Hetherton
Big Red Henry L. Hodge big, big red headed kid
Big Zero Geoffery G. Jones
Billy the Kid William J. Hancock Jr

he was an ENSIGN when he first reported in Cat Lo in 1967, hence the name "The Kid".

Black Jack John W. Burke
Blowing Gale Gail E. Ikerd its the best the staff could come up with at the time
Blue Max Vance Barrow
Boo Jeffery E. Ferris
Boston Strangler John F. Kerry
Boston Strangler Clayton G. Zucker
Boy Scout Bruce M. Wentworth had been an eagle scout and was very moral
Brass Brat John M. Pinney
Broken Bumper Thomas W. Yankura
Broken Zipper David G. Prentiss
Brown Torpedo Tommy L. Hovland
Brute David L. Wetherell
Buddha David B. Dunlap
Bull John L. Durham oh come on now, think about it; Bull Durham chewing tobacco!
Bull "E" Eugene J. Cummins Jr
Bung Lon Max D. Caldwell Vietnamese for "big stomach"
Butch Leslie L. Vorphal
Butterfingers Thomas S. O'Keefe Jr lost a crewman overboard for six hours and no one missed him
Capper Bill Hickey
Captain Crunch Robert A. Scattergood a boat on the rocks will get you a new callsign
Captain Hook Norman J. Pattarozzi his Italian nose was quite prominent
Captain Marvel Joseph F. Patton Jr
Carrie Nation Michael K. Gann got the DaNang "O" club closed for a month by an Admiral who didn't like his drinking habits
Cash Tad McCall
Chinese Bandit Wilbur L. Fry Jr got the name when he went up a river near Qui Nhon and got fired on, when he reported it, he was told "don't go up that river again"
Chrome Dome James L. Taylor light blond hair
Chubby Checker Edward R. Peck
Clodhopper "J" James C. Carolan because of the special order size "14" boondockers he wore
Coast Guard Roger Ruff
Cowboy James T. Kolbe
Crazy Legs Michael R. Voss
Creek Michael R. Bernique the infamous Bernique's Creek expedition
Criminal Uniform Stephen A. Hansen
Crusader "P" Robert A. Hastings
Cue Ball John P. Lee Jr
Dai Uy Forrest W. Dahlstet
Deacon Murice M. Simer
De-Com Reject David B. Wallace Tried to volunteer for swifts as a brand new Ensign, told he had to be a qualified OOD.  Assigned to an OLD destroyer that went to be de-commed and mothballed, he then got his orders to swift duty
Deputy Dawg Russell A. Puppe think about it ... "puppe = puppy = dog = dawg"
Dipsey Doodle Paul A. Yost  
Dirty Ernie Ernie Flinn
Doc Roy Branch
Double Bourbon William K. Lannom bar bourbon was ten cents in a mixed drink, he wanted to save time so...
Double D Richard C. Dawson
Drifty Jack John P. Cawley
Duck Richard L. McFarland he would call Sepia without identifying himself, and he would give sitreps while using a voice that sounded like Donald Duck
Dudley Do Right Thomas W. Wright
Eastern Dandy William (Nmn) Imbrie III
Fairhaired "B" Jerome A. Peschka
Fang Curtis F. Torrey
Fearless Fosdick Foster E. Wright
Fitzie Dana G. Fitzsimons
Five Buck Raider Frank A. Mueller Jr
Flamer 25 Lawrence C. Stoneberg
Flaming "J" James A. Weinandy while towing in a captured junk it caught fire
Flaming Papa "H" Vance Barron Jr set a hand-held flare down on the chart table with the cap on the primer end, the boat rolled, the flare hit the deck and went off, ricocheting about the pilot house and singing his hair.
Flash Jeffrey M. Lash had a habit of sending FLASH messages
Flash Stephen E. Brannan got the nickname after he got seasick and threw up on his first patrol out of Cam Ranh
Flower Power 26 Leon E. Robins
Footwear Douglas S. Martin
Forty Steven J. Carroll
Fracture "H" Stephen H. Sedgwick
Friar Tuck Robert L. Brant
Gabby "H" James L. Burke
Gallant Surfer Robert T. Guard
Gator Joseph A. Mastro
Gold Dust "A" Robert K. Bolger the Gold Dust Twins
Gold Dust "B" the Gold Dust Twins
Golden Boy Richard C. Wallace
Golf "B" James O. Carter
Gorgeous George Michael C. Lohnes presumably because he was the first Ensign to become OinC qualified in Cam Ranh Bay
Gramps 30 Don R. Swartz due to his comparatively advanced age
Gray Ghost Robert L. Brown
Gray Ghost Richard Pearsall Cua Dai 69-70
Gremlin John S. Howell
Groucho Michael A. Adkins
Groucho "M" John G. Sullivan
Gun Slinger Hal Gehmen
Half Breed Daniel L. Ustick his fair skin quickly turned red in the Vietnamese sun
Hank Edwin M. Hendrickson
Harvard Square Pete Dodson he went to Harvard and was very square, at least according to some young whipper snappers
Harvard Yard Kellogg Fairbank III
Hawg Jowl Bernard W. Wolff excessive dwelling on the virtues of the South one night
High 'n Dry James M. Barrett Hmmmmmm!! Very Interesting!! Put PCF 23 aground on an island as the tide went out at the mouth of the Bassac River.
Hillbilly Bob Griffin was from rural Tennessee and talked real SLOW!
Hollywood Frank T. Costarino
Hooch Dennis Wilson
Hot Dog William E. Franke
Hyperventilate James G. Colvin got his call sign from "patrol fatigue", which caused him to hyperventilate (sighing excessively), having headaches and other symptoms.
Ice Water Al Alfred J. French III
Ichabod Crane Michael A. Hudson physically it fitted him
Ichabod Crane Jack A. Herriott II about 10' tall, weighed around 100 lbs, shaved head and wore glasses
Ike Gail E. Ikerd its the best the staff could come up with at the time
In Country Pirate Donald T. Bradbury
Inspector "C" Anthony J. Kibble
Island Man Robert B. Fiore
Jack Daniels Kenneth E. Cozart
Jayhawker "J" Larry R. Thurlow
JC Dayton Ogden
JJ James J. Galvin Sr
Keemo James W. Selby
Kentucky Colonel Harold F. Amerau Jr
Killer Lou Louis T. Velloni for obvious reasons if you patrolled with him.
Kim George Sargent
Klondike John Mitchell red handlebar moustache, red hair --- really resembled the "Klondike" cartoon character
Latch Roy F. Hoffmann
Le Mustache large handlebar mustache
Lizard Robert W. Hildreth all he ever wanted to do was lie on a rock in the sun
Lockheed "J" George K. Johnson had a degree in Aeronautical Engineering
Lollipops "T" Thomas H. Pope
Long John William L. Rogers 6 foot 4 inches tall and a real pirate
Lord Mort Edward J. Bergin was originally "Charlie" for Charlie McCarthy, but "Charlie" was too confusing.   Changed to "Mort" or "Mort Sierra" for "Mortimer Snerd" then "Tarzan" made the change to "Lord Mort" after the trawler incident.
Lord Nelson
Mary Jane Michael W. Peters because he was from California (it was the 60's and he was from California ... think about it)
Mary Poppins Eldon L. Thompson
Mary Worth Robert M. Hestwood
Masher Michael B. Coakley because of his GENTLE nature
Megaphone "B" Daniel W. Daly Jr Big Mouth
Megaphone "L" Gerald J. Lyall
Melbourne "M" Raymond A. Mislock
Minnesota Viking John A. Erickson he was a Norwegian from Minnesota
Minute "S" Rick Williams aka "Lil' Shit" because of his diminutive stature
Moby Dick John W. Bishop Jr
Moll Flanders Thomas G. Jones think about it!
Moonraker Robert ???
Motown Review Edwin A. Schrader
Murky "W" Harry B. Watters Jr Oh come on now, this is a great pun ... Murky Watters!
Murph the Surf Paul V. Murphy
Mustang Sally Francis L. Gunther "Ride Sally Ride", that's what they did and sang as they went into a firefight - all 33 of them
Mustang Sally David F. Hack
Naha Michael T. Alogna
Neanderthal "N" Bill Zonderak
New Kid William J. Hancock Jr looked like he was only twelve years old
Nguyen William H. Ewing Jr tried to learn and speak Vietnamese, wore black pajamas around the base
Non-dancing Ray Robert K. Bolger Couldn't sing either, Ray Bolger he definitely wasn't
Organizer "G" John C. Graves III
Oscar 31 Edward E. Barker
Out of State Camel Alexander (Nmn) Bass
Over Nighter Robert L. Hooke Jr
Pancho Villa Daniel (Nmn) Salinas II
Papasan James E. C. Eaton first son was born while he was in-country
Pappy Floyd R. Gartner
Personality "K" Roger N. Thornton
Pete Harry M. Howton
Pompom "P" Arlyn T. Prickett
Preparation "H" Charlie G. Pfeifer
Preparation "H" Stephen S. Hart
Prevert Alvin A. Horne
Prince Henry Richard E. Fleming
PsyOps "S" R.R. "Sonny" Barber call sign was changed to "PsyOps" when a mission went sour
Pub Package "P" Chuck Mohn
Qui Nhon Virgil Ray
Raggity Ann Timothy C. Ragsdale
Red Apple William M. Arndt
Red Baron Donald T. Bradbury
Red Mountain James A. Colombo it was his favorite wine
Red Rooster Roy F. Hoffmann
Red Ryder Richard K. Jankowsky looked like the comic strip cowboy
Red Ryder Robert W. Sharer
Red Whiskey Robert D. Pacek
Renegade Burton Renegar a play on his name
Reverend John W. Bishop Jr do I really have to explain this one?   Bishop = Priest = Reverend
Rip Bill Collins bastardization of "Rebel" from Virginia
Robin Kelley McCutcheon (the boy wonder) - he was very small in stature but mighty in spirit.  He had problems getting clothes.  He wore a size 5 1/2 shoe!
Rocket Man Richard W. Holleran
Rocking Chair 29 Don R. Swartz
Rocking Chair 32 Alvah E. Setzer something about his advanced age
Romeo Rat James M. Will
Rookie "R" James K. Ruland
Rosepetal 26 "O" William M. Cain because of a rose tattooed on his calf, obtained in National City, while going through the Coronado swift training
Rusty Henry L. Hodges Jr
Rusty Jones Charles F. Horne
Sandy Bottom Jeffery M. Wainscott given to him by his fellow OinCs for "Aggressive patrolling in very shallow water" (make that running aground)
Sanitary Tango he and his wife scheduled his R&R in Hawaii for the wrong week of the month
Say "HUH" Christopher Ream
Senator Harold C. Griffin Jr
Senator Claghorn sounded like a southern senator
Sepia Paul P. Connolly
Shaky Jake William B. Rood Jr.
Short Circuit Donovan C. Current his initials and last name are "DC" Current
Shotgun Charles R. Grutzius
Sicilian "S" Ignatius J. Minervini always muttered that his family was ROMAN and anything to the south was inferior
Silver Tongue Lawrence E. Mient he was a "silver tongued devil " once you got to know him
Sleepy John J. Skura
Slue Foot "J" James C. Carolan He had huge feet - at least size 13 maybe bigger??
Slumlord Walter (Nmn) Dobrzelecki
Smiley "S" John Z. Heinzerling
Snaggle Tooth Michael J. Solhaug
Snake Ranch "F" James H. Smith
Snakey Jake Joseph W. Streuli
Snuffy Smitty Frank M. Smith
Solenoid "F" Frederick K. Smallwood always tinkering with the electrical system on his boat
Solenoid Phu Quoc Frederick K. Smallwood always tinkering with the electrical system on his boat
Spider Murphy Richard C. Kern
Spoiler "U" Charles W. Johns
Squared Away William C. Garlow
Sox Charles A. Adler Jr named after the Adler Socks company
Southern Comfort R.R. "Sonny" Barber he loved it - call sign was changed to "PsyOps" when a mission went sour
Spider Man Richard C. Kern
Stay Pressed Gordon G. Riggle
Steel Wool John Hatcher
Straight Arrow Doug Burgess changed to " Bent Arrow"  after he went on R&R in Bangkok
Stumpy David J. Clark typical nickname for a BIG man
Submerged Rock Rockne P. Harmon I really wonder about this one!!!
Sunshine Lawrence E. Probst
Suppository said "up yours" one too many times
Surf Rider Larry L. Meyer
Swamp Fox Arnold L. Glass
Swarthy Buccaneer Matteo J. D'Amico
Swede Keith Erikson
Sweet Pea Gary R. Blinn he had such a good disposition
Sweet Pea James J. McConnell he was accussed of have a disposition that was anything but ...
Tacline 6 foot of nothing
Tarzan Kurt Berlin made the mistake of introducing himself by his last name; was corrected by a senior OinC with "Tarzan is the only one without a first name"
Terry Thomas Frederick K. Smallwood big gap in front teeth
Thai Silk Arthur E. Norton
The Mayor Harry B. Brandon III
The Phantom John E. English was never seen except on patrol, always disappeared after returning to base
The Red Baron Harlan K. Ullman
The Snake David G. Wilbourne
Tiger Anthony R. Taylor
Tiny Neal H. Clark
Tommy Turtle Thomas M. Herritage III
Toxic Organ William W. Posenecker III
Troll William H. Croll gruff New England manner
Turtle James H. Howser
Twig "E" Robert K. Bolger Got real thin
Twiggy James T. Grace
Twinkletoes Peter B. Snyder tried to cross 3 or 4 boats that were tied up together, but ready to get underway. He ran across the sterns, behind the mortar boxes, hanging on to the life lines.
Two Can Denis F. Daly when drinking, always had a can of beer in each hand
Urinal "Z" David L. Freeman
Viking Kenneth J. Andrews
Virgin Virgil A. Erwin III play on words with his first name
Wallaby 54 Wade R. Sanders
Water Closet William C. Martin
Weird Harold Joseph E. Handley
Wheel Chair Alvah E. Setzer
Wild Bill William B. Kean III he was, always running around on the beach after a firefight with an M16 in hand
Wild Bill William S. Mann Jr
Wooster Crusader David A. Spina
Yankee Doodle Oliver G. Halle
Zoomie "X" Barry T. Wood ex-pilot --- was from Cam Ranh Bay

Misc. Call Signs

Here are some early PCF related call signs:

BOATRON 1 - Rusty Jones (commander); Grimes Pass (collective)
PCFDIV 101 - Francis Bravo (commander); Assort Foxtrot (collective)
PCFDIV 102 - Hamilton Kilo later changed to Assort Mike (commander); Ledger India - later changed to Newsboy India (collective)
PCFDIV 103 - Pride Zebra (commander); Woolworth Bravo (collective)
PCFDIV 104 - Expert Yankee (commander); Trimness Lima (collective)
PCFDIV 105 - Caribou Bravo (commander); Hackwood Sierra (collective)
PCFDIV 107 - Capitol Zebra (commander); Boundry Lima (collective)

COMNAVFORV - Moose Hunter

TF115 - Latch (commander); Alone (collective)
TG115.1 - Article (commander); Flip Flop (collective)
TU115.1.1 - New Dalton (commander); Neighborhood (collective)
TU115.1.2 - Cornelius (commander); Kit Kat (collective)
TG115.2 - Halo Shampoo (commander); Caviar (collective)

Coastal Division 11 - (An Thoi) - Reproach
Coastal Division 12 - (DaNang) - Turkey Dinner
Coastal Division 13 - (Cat Lo)
Coastal Division 14 - (Cam Ranh Bay) - Aphrodite 7
Coastal Division 15 - (Qui Nhon)
Coastal Division 16 - (Chu Lai) - Oxwood

COGARDIV 12 - Permeate

CTG 76.5 - Company Store
CTG 77.9 (Yankee Station) - Regency
CTG 77.1 (Sea Dragon) - White Deer
CTU 77.1.1 (South Yankee Station) - Argentina

YR-71 - Hexagon 71
APL-5 - Spike 5
APL-30 - Spike 30
APL-55 - Spike 55

The following are some of the PCF call signs:

Hull Numbers

13 - NGOK
14 - NIRE
15 - NLPS
16 - NOLC
17 - NSDE
18 - NUMN
19 - NYBP
20 - NBGH
21 - NDLC
22 - NGBU
42 - NKIA
55 - NDPJ
56 - NBIB
75 - NHET
76 - NQKL
78 - NMAL
79 - NHCJ
99 - NNJV
101 - NYAQ

Coastal Group 13 - XC
Coastal Group 14 - XD

Fire Support

New Jersey (BB-62) - OnRush

St Paul (CA-73) - Tornado
Boston (CLG-1) - Mauler
Canberra (CLG-2) - Blockbuster
Oklahoma City (CLG-5) - Fireball
Providence (CLG-6) - Fighting Devil

Dewey (DLG-14) - Sea Rogue
Biddle (DLG-34) - Hard Charger
Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) - Black Velvet
Buchanan (DDG-14) - Sharp Note
Blue (DD-744) - Gold Eagle
John A. Bole (DD-755) - Gamebird
Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) - Hellenic Hero
Finch (DER-328) - Dayton
Kretchmer (DER-329) - Mystic Isle
Savage (DER-386) - Lake Charles

Advance (MSO-510) - Naomi Delta
Excell (MSO-433)
Carronade (IFS-1) - Expert Alfa
Carlion River (LSMR-409) - Catalog Xray
St Francis River (LSMR-525) - Abbey Tango
White River (LSMR-536) - Jilt Foxtrot
Aludra (AF-55) - Wallop Lima
Brule (AKL-28) - Native Tango
Satyr (ARL-23) - Forfeit Quebec

Garrett County (LST-786) - Fish Tail
Hampshire County (LST-819) - Cape Town Juliet
Hunterdon County (LST-838) - Dahlia
Jennings County (LST-846) - Eagleton
Kemper County (LST-854) - Aloha Zulu
Terrell County (LST-1157) - Fellow Lima
Vernon County (LST-1161) - Lanslip Quebec
Washoe County (LST-1165) - Estuary or Barbados
Washtenaw County (LST-1166) - Trident Lima
Windham County (LST-1170) - Ageless Whiskey


Spotter Planes:
Cat Killer (Army)
Bird Dog (Air Force)

Vietnamese Navy Headquarters - Swirley Pattern

Aircraft Control - Waterpipe

Chu Lai Defense Command - Evening Star
Hue Defense Command - Socialite Alfa
IUWG Detachment at Qui Nhon - Paper Wrap
Decca Station at Cu Lao Re - Decca Green

Boundry of 2C and 2D - (Any City)
Cuo Lao Re - (Any Cigarette)
Mui Batangan - (Any Street)
Mui An Hoa - (Any Beer)
Cap Sa Hoi - (Any Animal)
Cap Mia - (Any Disney Character)

Marine Corps:
CG, 1st MARDIV - Corsair
1st MARDIV - Complex (coll.)
Air Observer (USMC) - Black Coat
1st Marines/RLT-1 - Blackwell
1st BN, 1st Marines/BLT-1/1 - Today
All Stations This Net (1st MARDIV) - Crew Cut
NGF Liaison Team - 26 Oscar (preceded by After Burner in Area I, and Salted Flakes in Area II)
NILO Chu Lai - Iron Pellets Charlie
CG, III MAF - Franchise
TF Xray - Emery Wheel
CG, 3rd MARDIV - Sudden Death
Flare Ship - Spooky
III MAF - Negotiate

Naval Hospital DaNang - Burbank

NSA Detachment at An Thoi - Barbados
NSA Saigon - Red Rose

Hue to north of Danang - Barrelhouse Three
North of Danang to CG14 - Roseann Three
CG14 to CG16 - Nailfile Three

Naval Aircraft:

VP2 - Cape Cod
VP4 - Elk Lodge
VP8 - Pin Stripe
VP16 - Spangle
VP17 - Free Transit
VP40 - Wiseman
VP42 - Yarn Marker
VP46 - Mess Man
VP50 - Madness

CO GARDIV 12 - Japan (collective)

If you have any corrections, additions or amplifying information to any data presented here, please contact Larry Wasikowski at: or call (402) 331-2504.

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