Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments
Advisory Robert Knowlton Tucker, RM1 2/69-2/70 Simpsonville, SC
Team Robert Allen Withee, QM2 1970-70 Vancouver, WA
143 John Wayne Hoeche, LTJG   ??-8/70 Officer in Charge - Plano/Dallas, TX


John Charles "Jack" Gallop, QM2 3/70-5/70 Fresno, CA

(1st Coastal Zone)

Arthur A. Guy, BM2      
  Richard L. "Butch" Wagley, BM2     Cottonwood, AZ
  Sattorious, LTJG     XO
  Joseph I. "Sandy" Sandoval, GMG3 6/70-8/70 Las Vegas, NV
  Irving Allen Johnson, MM3 6/70-12/70 advisor to PCF 3881 (old PCF 79) - Holbrook, AZ
  Richard William Wilhelm, RDC 8/70-8/71 Tulsa, OK
  Floyd Leroy Kelly, EM1 10/70-5/71 Colville, WA
  Larry Emerson Hendrick, GMG1   ??-10/70 KIA 10/30/70 - Blufield, WV
  John E. Winters, EN1   ??-10/70 KIA 10/30/70 - Liberal, KS
  ?Robert W? Logsdon, ?BM3?   1970  
  Hairgrove, 2nd class   1970  
  Cheatham, EN1      
  Del Lacruise, BM1      
  Larry Franklin Clark, BM3 late 1970 - early 1972 Syracuse, NE
      23 February 1973 Naval Advisory Team DaNang disestablished and advisors withdrawn

Unit consisted of 21 enlisted and 3 officers: CO, XO and Engineering Officer.

One advisor per boat, each advisor had his counterpart on his boat and would go on the various patrols to observe Vietnamese crew.

Vietnamese had 12 Swifts and 4 WPBs, the patrols where the same as the previous American crews, including the Cua Dai river patrols.

Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments

Sa Dec

Thomas Lee Buck, RD3 4/70-4/70 advisor to PCF 3833 (old PCF 32) - Rock Island, IL
  Grady Emil DeLoach Jr, EN3 5/70-10/70 advisor to PCF 3932 (old PCF 103) - Dallas, TX
      6 February 1973 Naval Advisory Team Sa Dec disestablished and advisors withdrawn

One advisor per boat

Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments

3rd Naval Advisory Group

William Kent Gain, RD2   4/70-7/70 Sheridan, WY

Cat Lo

Carl Craig Frederickson, BM2 4/70-4/71 advisor to PCF 3838 (old PCF 95) - Paradise, CA
  Donnie Lloyd Elsea, EN2 5/70-12/70 advisor to PCF 3829 (old PCF 137 or 138) - Berryville, VA

Ed Walsh

  Dale Allen Kumher, RM1 2/71-10/71 Warrior, AL
      15 February 1973 Naval Advisory Team Cat Lo disestablished and advisors withdrawn


Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments
Advisory Robert O. Kincaid, EN2   12/69-3/70 ?Kansas?
Team Emliss Odell Ricks Jr, QM2 1/70-4/70 Garrettsville, OH


Robert Wesley Anderson, EN3 3/70-6/70 Columbus, MT

Cam Ranh

Brenton Douglas Higdem, YN3 4/70-9/70 Sherwood, AR
  Sims, XX3      
  Sherwood H. Doolittle, EM1   advisor to PCF 3869 - retired NCCS 1/31/82 - deceased 3/13/2009 in Cayce, SC
  Robert Elkins, XX1     ?New York or Vermont?
  Steven Allen Yetter, ETN3 71-72  Santa Cruz, CA
      10 February 1973 Naval Advisory Team Cam Ranh Bay disestablished and advisors withdrawn

Unit consisted of 8-10 US Navy enlisted and officers

One advisor per boat

Vietnamese had 6-8 Swifts and 2-3 WPBs

Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments
Advisory (Charles) "Chuck" Holcomb, LCDR   1970 Officer in Charge
Team Frank Emmanuel Novotny, QM2 1/70-9/70 advisor to PCF 3862 (old PCF 100) - Fayetteville, NC


James Delbert Sarver, LT/LCDR 5/70-5/71 Officer in Charge - deceased 1/29/2008 - Walkerton, IN
Qui Nhon Stone, LT   70/71  
  Richard Cole Anthony, LTJG 4/70-11/70 Westerly, RI
  Oliver Hanely, LTJG   70/71  
  Thompson, LTJG   70/71  
  Perkins, PO1   70/71  
  Turchin, PO3   70/71  


Hays, QM1     ?advisor to PCF 3803?
      30 January 1973 Naval Advisory Team Qui Nhon disestablished and advisors withdrawn

One advisor per boat

Vietnamese had Swifts

Command Member E-mail Address Dates Comments


James Robert Adams, LT 6/68-6/69 Concord, NC


Arden Lee Krukow, MM2   11/68-1/69 KIA 1/22/69 was from Spencer, IA


Don Eddie Stevenson, BM1   12/68-12/69 KIA 12/4/69 was from New Orleans, LA
Solid Anchor Patrick Owen Reynolds, BM2   4/69-9/70 WIA 6/70 - Durango, CO

Nam Can

Gale Lamarr "Lee" Caudel, BMC   10/69-9/70 Spring Valley, CA
(Coastal Flotilla V) Richard Michael Matyjakowski, BM2 5/70-12/70 Buffalo, NY
Nha Be Curtis Robert MacConnell, EN2 6/70-?? Harrisburg, PA
(Coastal Flotilla IV) Jerry Gene Black, QM2   6/70-?? made chief
  David Alan Wiggins, ETN2 6/70-3/72 Springfield, VA
  Raymond Lloyd Haglund, EN3   1970-71 deceased 8/17/2003 in Mount Vernon, WA
  Gerald Robert Wilson Sr, EN2 10/70-10/71 advisor to PCF 3914 (old PCF 88) - Highland, IL
  Robert L. Arnold, EN1   ?1970/71?  
  Larry Edward Silva, EN1   ?1970/71?  
  Larry Powell Talley, EN3   ?1970/71?  
  Vaughn, EN3   ?1970/71?  
  McCormack, LCDR   1971 Advisory Team Commander
  Lonas, LTJG   1971 Unit Commanding Officer, Nam Can
  Crabtree, BM1   1971 was from Columbus, OH - fought in North Africa WWII, Korea & Vietnam
  Daniel Phillip Zorn Jr, EN2   1971 advisor to PCF 3903 (old PCF 63) - deceased 12/28/2008 in Camas, WA
  Robert Bruce Colcleasure, QM1  1971 advisor to PCF 3910 (old PCF 40) - Sacramento, CA
  Paul Hewey King Jr, ETN3 1970/71 advisor to PCF 3911 (old PCF 54) - Boca Raton, FL
  Gary A. Schultz, QM2   1971 advisor to PCF 3918 (old PCF 74)
  Davis, EN2   1971 advisor to PCF 3923 (old PCF 99)
  McCoy, EN2   1971 advisor to PCF 3924 (old PCF 38)
  Charles Bernard Boehne, BM3   1971 advisor to PCF 3928 (old PCF 87) - Sunman, IN
  Smith, EM2   1971 advisor to PCF 3929 (old PCF 97)
  Charles Leslie Gould, QM1 1971 advisor to PCF 3932 (old PCF 103) - Sterling, VA - made Chief
      6 February 1973 Naval Advisory Team Nha Be disestablished and advisors withdrawn

Vietnamese had Swift Boats

- On the night of 22 January 1970, during one of the first SEA LORDS missions in which VNN PCF's experienced enemy activity, the USN advisor of a PCF, MM2 A. L. Krukow, USN, was lost overboard and presumed dead. The action took place on the Cai Lon River as two VNN PCF's were participating in a SEA LORDS operation with USN and USA elements in the Kien Giang Province. One PCF received B-40 hits directed from the west bank of the river. Both PCF's retaliated with .50 caliber, M-79 and M-16 fire which effectively silenced the enemy. The advisor had been hit by shrapnel and concussion from the B-40 rocket, he fell into the river and was immediately swallowed up by the black waters. Subsequent attempts to retrieve the body by a combined force of US MARKET TIME PCFs, Army air cover and VNN Coastal Group 43/44 reaction units failed.

- At 1300H on 4 December 1970, US PCFs 50, 56, VNN PCF 3805, an LSSL with Seawolves providing air cover, were conducting a psyops patrol on the Song Dam Doi about 25 kilometers northwest of Sea Float, when they were ambushed by an unknown number of VC with B-40, AK-47 and M-16 fire. The lead boat, PCF 50, took a B-40 hit head-on, in the pilot house, killing the bow gunner, RD3 Martin S. Doherty, and wounding the OinC, LTJG Robert S. White and helmsman, QM3 Thomas R. Terfehr. A second B-40 hit close aboard to port, wounding two (2) additional crewmen, EN2 John R. Phillips and BM3 Roy D. White, on the fantail. The VNN PCF 3805, took a B-40 hit low on the port bow and another on the port side of the pilot house, killing the USN advisor, BM1 Don E. Stevenson, and seriously wounding the VNN OinC and XO. PCF-56 received a B-40 near miss that wounded the OinC, LTJG Patrick L. Evans. The Seawolves and LSSL responded with saturation fire into the area and silenced the enemy fire. A VNN reaction team was inserted and a ground sweep resulted in the capture of two twin B-40 rocket launchers, two entrenching tools, wire and batteries. Two members of the VNN reaction team also received minor wounds.

Nha Be base circa June 1967

US Naval Base at Nha Be, June 1967

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