Advisory Team 88, APO 96359


MACCZ-IV-88-TP                                                                                                                                                      17 July 1970

SUBJECT:  Letter of Appreciation


Commander Naval Forces, Vietnam
FPO  96626


1.  I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all personnel of the Southern Surveillance Group (CTU 115.3.7) who provided outstanding support to Thanh Phu District during the period Nov 68 - Jul 69.    The Sealord Operations during the 1968 Accelerated Pacification Campaign were especially effective in destroying the enemies capability to disrupt the pacification efforts.  The enemy attempted to counter the Pacification Campaign, but failed in Thanh Phu largely as a result of your efforts.  Your units assisted in keeping the enemy off balance in Viet Cong areas, where friendly Vietnamese Units did not operate.  Without your constant interdiction of enemy navigatable waterway, the enemy would have reduced the results of the Accelerated Pacification Campaign.   Sealords and direct combat support opened the way and made a direct significant contribution to the successful campaign in Thanh Phu District.  The continuing improvement since the campaign has been a result of many factors, the most important being that SWIFTS carried friendly forces deep into enemy base area and escorted Vietnamese Navy Junks, as they provided transportation.  Your elements were always in the lead and stood-by to provide fire support.

2.  Your personnel responded to all requests, "NEVER" in the entire nine months failed to accomplish their assigned mission.    This remarkable achievement is one which the Officers and men can take outstanding pride in a job well done.  Many times it was simply personal courage and professional ability that accomplished the mission in the face of hostile conditions that would have stopped men of less courage and dedication.  The close coordination, personal and professional relationship that has developed between SWIFTS and Thanh Phu Advisors enabled the U.S. Advisory Effort to become more effective and has laid the ground work for the Vietnamese in the future.

3.  It has been a privilege for me and the members of my team to have served with you.  Your sincere efforts are greatly appreciated.   We hope that this effective team effort will continue until the final mission of our combined efforts has been accomplished.  Hopefully, the Vietnamese will follow our example and continue this most effective Sea and Land teamwork to the ultimate conclusion of this war.  We the US Advisors of Thanh Phu wish the Officers and men of the SWIFTS in all endeavors smooth sailing and God speed, be the waters blue or brown.


CPT, INF                       
District Senior Advisor
Thanh Phu District      


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