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Navy - Together We Served

The U.S. Navy played a vital role in the prosecution of the conflict in South Vietnam. The importance of this contribution was probably best expressed by COMUSMACV, General William C. Westmoreland, USA, in comments he made at a Mission Council meeting held on 19 September 1967.

"The United States Navy has not received due credit for the sizable contributions its forces have made to the war in South Vietnam. Market Time activities have, for all practical purposes, sealed off the coast. Game Warden operations are increasingly denying the enemy the use of inland waterways. Thirdly, the riverine operation has no parallel in the history of warfare. All of these operations are unique innovations effectively adapted to the situation in South Vietnam. The fine efforts of the Navy should not continue to go unnoticed."


These listings contain various small bits of information about people that I have received from many and various sources, but does not contain any reference to a boat or crew assignment, therefore it has been impossible to include these listings in the boat breakouts. ANY HELP you can give me in properly identifying these people would be most appreciated.

If you have corrections, additions or amplifying information to any data presented here, please contact:
Larry Wasikowski at or call (402) 331-2504.

- - - - - - - - KIA's with Unknown boat assignments - - - - - - - - - -

LTJG William Henry Murphy III - KIA 11/19/67 - Qui Nhon - was from Madison, WI - died in a US Army helicopter crash, 1/9th Squadron of the 1st Air Cavalry, liaison/exchange flight program where some of our guys would fly on their helos, and some of their guys would ride our swiftboats. His helicopter was hit by ground fire and crashed. ..... details

BM3 Richard Charles Simon - KIA 11/3/68 - was from Ellsworth, KS - CosDiv11 action (WAS assigned to PCF 50 for part of 1968)

BM3 Gerald Robert Horrell - KIA 1/5/69 - was from North Hollywood, CA - CosDiv11 action --- PCFs 21, 71 and 93 probed the Song Ong Doc. Hostile fire resulted in one (1) US Navy KIA and two (2) US Navy wounded - BM3 Horrell was a crewmember of PCFs 21, 71 or 93, but which one?

RD2 Kenneth Peter West - KIA 6/22/69 - was from Butte, MT - drowned trying to return to the Sea Float complex (Na Bay), at night

QM2 Richard Laverne Wissler Jr - KIA 10/2/69 - was from Willow Street, PA - CosDiv11 action

Swift Boat Enlisted Personnel, but without a boat or crew assignment

Any entries new since the last update to the site, are shown in GREEN characters

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Name\Rank e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
Richard D. Adams, SK1   2/22/67-    
Richard Martin Adams, QM2   5/15/68-    
Ronald Duane Adams, EN3   9/6/68-69    
Gene R. Aeschlimann, RD3/2   3/4/68-   Cameron, WI
Stuart Richard Albertson, EN1   3/24/68-69 Cat Lo ?PCF 97 & 103? - *retired EN1 9/19/77 - Antioch, CA
William Earl Alexander Jr, GMG2 6/69-6/70 DaNang/An Thoi/Sea Float PCF 79 - ?retired 11/30/91? - Port Orchard, WA
John Bryan Allen, RD3   11/29/68    
Enrico (Nmn) Alvarez, EM3   4/13/67-   was from New York
Alfred L. Alvarado, GMG2   8/13/68-69    
Leland Charles Amack Jr, GMG3   7/2/68-   was from Colorado
Robert Jack Ammend, GMG3   6/20/68-   was from Minnesota
Anthony Carlo "Amo" Amoruso, GMG3 1969/1970 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float/Ha Tien PCFs 99, 40, 9 - Mint Hill, NC
Dean Scott Anderson, EN2   6/5/68-    
Glenn Michael Anderson, EN2   6/5/68-5/69 An Thoi artist - when not on patrol, he used to paint pictures of Playboy Playmates on the An Thoi APL
Leslie Clelland Anderson, EN2   10/26/68-10/68 DaNang St. Johns, USVI
Roger Dale Anderson, QM2   6/5/68-    
Steven T. Anderson, RD3   12/19/67-    
Robert Jerry Angle, GMG3/2   12/16/67-12/68 DaNang *retired GMCM 5/19/91 - Aiea, HI
Ed Arllendo       Tonkawa, OK
Charles E. Arnold, EN?   12/19/67-    
James Hobert Arnold Jr, RD1   2/25/68-69 Cat Lo *retired OSCS on 1/19/87 - Corpus Christi, TX
Robert Leroy Arnold, EN3   5/9/68-69 Solid Anchor  
Jerry Bob Atkerson, EN?       *retired ENC on 6/24/74 - *deceased 8/15/2011 in Amarillo, TX
Robert Louis Baehr, BM3   6/5/68-   was from New York
Daniel Lynn Baggett, BM3   6/5/68-    
Albert Baillargeon, QM2   3/31/67-    
Robert Charles Bain, QM2   7/23/68-69 DaNang  
John Bair      
Columbus Washington Baker Jr, BM3   3/9/68-2/69   Fort Worth, TX
Steven K. Balding, RDSN   3/1/68-    
Balser   May 68   PCF 28 or 98
Grover K. Bancroft, GMG3   7/2/68-    
Steeny Chester Banks, SN   5/17/68-   was from Florida
Robert N. Baptist, QM2   8/11/67-   *retired QM1 9/22/1975 - was from Georgia
Kenneth A. Barfield, BM3/2   7/13/68-69 DaNang  
Brian J. Barnes       Virginia Beach, VA
James William Barnhart, QM2/1   2/27/68-2/69 DaNang *retired QMC 10/15/91 - *deceased 12/31/93 in Lancaster, CA
Jim Barona       Coral Gables, FL
Allen L(ee) Bartholomew, ETR2   66-67 Qui Nhon ?Pocatello, ID?
Vernon Alfred Bartz, YN1   4/30/68-   *retired YNC 3/14/79 - was from Illinois
William Lee Basco, GMG3   12/26/68-   was from Louisiana
Travis Bayham, SM2   8/68-8/69 Cat Lo  
Floyd Wayne Bearden, EN2   2/16/67-    
John Gary Beauchamp Jr, SN/QM3   68-7/69 Qui Nhon Gastonia, NC
Melvin Eugene Belden, QM2 2/23/68-3/69 DaNang made QM1 - Palmer, AK
Frank Benson, RD1        
James Odis Benton, EN1   9/12/67-   *retired ENCM 6/30/81 - was from Florida
Dale (D.) Biehle     ?DaNang? Cincinnati, OH
Howard Edward Bilyeu, EN3   8/11/68-1/69
Qui Nhon/AnThoi Ben Wheeler, TX
William Guy Bierman, YNC       *retired YNC 7/15/71 - *deceased 10/26/97 in Alameda, CA
Robert Carl Billstein       Oregon City, OR
Larry Eugene Binion, GMGSA/SN   9/15/67-   was from Georgia
Chester Bishop Jr, SN   2/15/68-   was from Massachusetts
Hubert Weldon Bishop Jr, BM3   11/8/68-   *retired BMCM 10/31/85 - was from Kentucky
Stephen Alden Black       Braddock, PA
Keith Thomas Blackman, EN3   ?68-69?   *deceased 9/6/07 in Saint George, UT
Gary Wayne Blackmon, RDSN ?8/70? An Thoi ?deceased 11/26/2008 in Allgood, AL?
Arrondo Bobonisvizc, RM2/1   4/6/68-    
Raymond William Bodak, RM2     An Thoi ?PCFs 9 & 82? - *retired RM1 4/18/77 - Sunfield, MI
William Robert Bodnar, QM2   9/27/67-9/68 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Indiana
Charles Bernard Boehne, BM3   10/15/70- ?? Sa Dec Sunman, IN
James Edward Boelsems, EN2   5/3/68-   ?PCF 48 out of Cam Ranh Bay in 1968 & An Thoi 3/69-7/69?
S. Boguta, RMSN   10/65    
Alan J. Boiman, QM2   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo  
Alan James Bolman, QM2   5/15/68- Cat Lo Venice, FL
Robert Duane Bomall, RM3   5/17/66-    
Russell Alfred Bond, EN2   11/13/68-   *retired EN1 8/20/75 - was from California
William Robert Boonar, QM2   9/27/67-    
William Edwin Borders II, RD3   11/29/68-   *retired OSCS 11/30/88 - was from California
Carl Louis Borges, SA   6/20/68-   was from California
Thomas Norm Borland, QM2   12/8/67-   *retired QM2 8/30/74 - was from South Carolina
Thomas Joseph Boucher, BM2   7/27/68-   was from Florida
Bennet Rene Boushee, SN/BM3 ??-10/67 Qui Nhon ?PCF 63? - Big Pine Key, FL
Maurice Bower, SFP2   2/22/67- An Thoi was from Philadelphia, PA
Richard Phillip Bowles, GMG2   12/16/67-11/68 DaNang Springville, CA
Larry Earl Bowman, RD2   8/9/67-    
William T. Bowman, BM3   11/28/67-    
Michael Boyce       Key Largo, FL
David Franklin Boyett, BM3   9/26/68-    
Keith (Eric) Brackett   ?4/68-4/69 ?Cat Lo? Repair Division - ET Shack - ?was from New York?
Ramond Keith Bradley, RD3   2/23/69-2/69 An Thoi  
Charles Brandon, QM2   12/18/68-    
Robert F. Bravinder, RD3   3/1/68-    
David J. Brennan, QM2   8/1/68-    
William Lee Brennan, QM1   12/69-3/70 An Thoi was from Ohio
Carleton B. Briggs, GMG2   11/11/66-    
William Edward Brinkley, BMC       *retired as BMC 5/17/74 - *deceased 8/1/04 in St Clair, MO
Wallace Basil Britch, QM3/2   9/6/67-   was from Iowa
Richard Hagel Brons, RD3   12/26/68-   was from Maryland
Roy Roger Brosseau, BMSN 2/24/68-2/69 DaNang/Chu Lai Summerville, SC
Dennis Lee Brown, RD3 12/19/68-70 DaNang PCF 12, 20 - York, NE
Donald Christopher Brown, RDSN   4/5/68-    
George Taylor Brown, GMG2   7/23/68-    
Michael Lawrence Brown, RD3 4/25/70-12/70
Cam Ranh/An Thoi ?PCF 40? - Lakeside, CA
Steven Jacob Brown, QM3   3/9/68-2/69
Qui Nhon
William David Brown, RDSN   69-70   Mountain City, GA - pastor Southern Baptist Church
Jon Prince Bruce, RMSA   10/65   was from Pennsylvania
Roy Roger Brusseau, BM3   2/24/68-    
John Anthony Bruzzo, EN2   3/1/68-   was from Illinois
Peter T. Buchanan, HM2/1   3/25/68-    
Jerry Uriah Buchanan, RD2   ?-11-2/70-? Cat Lo *retired OSCS 8/31/85 - was from New Mexico
Pat Buck       Baltimore, MD
Robert Allen Buck, SN   3/29/67-    
Allen Frank Buckley Jr, EN1 No Computer 10/67-7/68 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue ?PCF 56? - *retired ENC 5/3/76 - San Diego, CA
John Chapman Bultman, BM3   ?6/69-2/70? Cat Lo *retired BMC 7/19/1998 - Cocoa, FL
Barnet R. Bump Jr, BMC   6/20/67-   *retired BMC 5/11/70 - was from Texas
Donald Henry Burer, SN   6/6/67-    
Robert Clarence Burgett, EN2   10/1/68-   was from Kansas
Larry Wayne Burkett, BM3   6/5/68-   was from Texas
Joseph Burns       Philadelphia, PA
Thomas Edward Burton, QM2 3/67-3/68 Cat Lo Jensen Beach, FL
Wilbur Alexander Burton, BM3   5/3/68-   was from Virginia
Edward L. Bushnell, QM2   9/21/67-    
Philip S. Bussey, EN1   12/1/67-   *retired EN1 5/30/74 - was from California
Harry George Butler, GMG2   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - *retired GMGCS on 10/19/87 - Virginia Beach, VA
James Earnest Byars, EN2/1   1/17/68-    
Charles Lawrence Byer, YN2   2/20/68-   *retired YN1 11/12/79 - was from Florida
Wilmer Warren Byrd Jr, BM3   12/26/68-   was from Louisiana
Edward Mark Cadorette Jr, EN2   1/17/68-   *retired CWO3 5/19/85 - was from Florida
Raymond Edward Cady, RD3   12/26/68-    
T. Caldwell, RMSN   10/65    
Dale Blair Calley, GMG2   7/2/68-   *retired GMG1 7/12/79 - was from Oklahoma
Stephen Brooks Calloway, GMG3   6/20/68-   was from California
Cordell H. Campbell, BM2   5/18/68-69 DaNang *retired BM1 9/22/1975 - Acushnet, MA
Duncan Munro Campbell, QM2   1/2/69-3/70 An Thoi *retired QMCM 12/31/1988 - Ark, VA
Pecko Canto, EN1   8/11/67-    
James Thomas Cantrall, BM3   4/5/67-    
Pedro L.S. Cantu, EN1   8/11/67-8/68 DaNang/Chu Lai was from California
Angelo Joseph Caraffa, EN3   8/12/68-    
Paul Jefferson Cardozo, EN3/2   8/11/67-   was from New York
Franklin L(ewis) Carley, EN2   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff?
Richard G. Carlsey, BM3   12/26/68-    
Richard John Carlson, RD3   7/15/68-    
Lorn Laverne Carlstrom, QM2   5/15/68-   was from California
Billy E. Carr, GMG3   3/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Billy Ray Carr, QM2   1/5/68-    
Howard Eugene Carr, BM2   7/18/67-    
James Allen Carroll, BM3   ?8/29/68-4/69? Cat Lo was from New York
Robert D. Carson, QM2   12/10/68-    
Lawrence M. Carter, RD3   3/23/68-    
Robert Wray Catherwood, RD3/2   3/11/68-2/69   *retired OS1 on 6/30/90 - Salem, OR
Denton Leo Catrell, FN   2/14/67-    
Samuel Paul Caudill, RD3   7/30/68-   was from Virginia
R. R. Cavazos, SN     Cat Lo/An Thoi ?transferred to USS Satyr ARL-23 on 12/1/70?
Joseph Allen Chaddock, GMGSN   7/10/67-10/67
Qui Nhon
*deceased 1/22/2010 in Miami, FL
Norman Chaman       Astor, FL
Nick Munoz Chan, SD3/2 ??1968?? DaNang PCF 13 - *retired CWO3 7/19/1989 - Jacksonville, FL
Baxter Allen Chance, GMG3   10/2/68-    
Ronald Chapman       Severn, MD
Joseph Earl Chassereau Jr, SN       Richmond, VA
James Ertle Chavis, MM3       *deceased 1/8/2008 in Wilmington, NC
Wendell Allen Chew, BM3   6/5/68-   was from Iowa
Edward Joseph Chimera Sr, RM2/1   12/15/67-12/68 DaNang/Chu Lai *retired RM1 5/1/71 - *deceased 2/18/06 in Pompano Beach, FL
Arlyn Dale Christ, RM2   10/65-12/66 Qui Nhon Stillwater, MN
Dennis Christenson, GMG3   6/20/68-    
Harry James Church, GMGSN/3   5/14/68-69 Cat Lo Portsmouth, RI
Jesse Dennis Church, RD3 12/69-3/70 An Thoi Newark, CA
Alfred Rowe Clark Jr, EN3/2   6/20/68-6/69 DaNang *retired ENC 12/31/1987 - *deceased 5/6/2000 in Williamsburg, VA
Jimmie Dean Clark, SN     ?Cat Lo/An Thoi? ?retired 1 10/19/1993? - was from Virginia
Neal Harry Clark, EN3 8/69-8/70 ?Cat Lo? *retired MR1 12/19/1997 - Virginia Beach, VA
Ralph Gaylord Clark, SM1   5/4/67-    
George (Harold) Clearwater, BM(SN)3   10/27/66-   ?deceased 9/8/2000 in California?
Tom Clement       Fredericksburg, VA
Leroy Arnold Clewette, SA/SN   10/67-68 Qui Nhon ?possibly retired as a US Navy CDR? -  Circle Pines, MN
Robert Allen Clubbs, RM2   7/27/68-   was from Tennessee
Harry Wayne Coates, BM3   8/29/68-   was from North Carolina
Donald E. Cole, RM1   3/5/68-   *retired RMC 9/8/77 - was from California
Donald R. Coleson, RD2   12/30/68-    
Freddie O. Coley, BM1   5/11/67-   *retired BMC 9/30/74 - *deceased 4/1/92 in Kailua, HI
Dave Collins     An Thoi  
James Herbert Collins, RD3   11/69-2/70 An Thoi Uniontown, PA
Robert Thomas Colsher, BM3   6/5/68-   was from Pennsylvania
Henry Alden Colton, EN2   5/6/67-    
Michael Patrick Conley, BM3/2   6/1/68-69 DaNang The Villages, FL
Michael D. Cook, EN3   4/29/68-    
Bronson Frey Cooke Jr, SN   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? Long Beach, MS
Robert Gene Cooke, QM1   12/69-3/70 An Thoi ?made chief? - was from California
Thomas Dennis Cooper, RMSN   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? was from Wisconsin
George L. Copeland, EN3   2/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Samuel Henry Corbett, QM3/2   4/3/68-69   *deceased 8/12/1990 in Union, KY
Gerald Dan Cornforth, QM2   7/2/68-9/69 An Thoi *deceased 9/18/2000 in Loveland, CO
Len Correl, GMG2   1966 Cam Ranh Bay  
Henry Michael Cottrell, GMG2   6/20/68-    
Gary Nevin Coursey, RD3   8/69-3/70 An Thoi Cypress, TX - DVM in Houston, TX
Howard L. Cox, EN1   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - *retired EN1 on 8/8/72 - ?Sacramento, CA?
Craig Patrick Coyle, YN3   3/15/68-    
David (Nmn) Coyle, EN1   4/13/67-   ?was from Massachusetts?
Richard Lee Craft, QM2   12/3168-    
Michael Allen Craig, EN3   4/13/67-    
Robert Stephen Craig, EN2   3/23/69-8/69 An Thoi ?Bloomington, IL?
Curtis Joel Cramer, SN   5/14/68-    
Gerald Crawford, BM3   68/69    
Richard Eugene Crawford, ENFN ?-11-2/70-? Cat Lo made EN2 - Columbia, TN
Martin Jay Creamer, RDSA   6/28/68-6/69 DaNang ?deceased 10/17/2006 in Allentown, PA?
William Cecil Creek Jr, GMGSA/SN   4/20/68-4/69 DaNang made GMG2 - Saint Charles, MO
Charles E. Crookshanks       Suffolk, VA
Robert Eugene Crow, QM2   6/5/68-    
Bobby Joel Crowell, EN3   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - *deceased 2/16/92 in Hernando, FL
Francis Xavier Curran III, DC3     *retired HTC on 7/31/89 - Joliet, IL
Thomas F. Curry, RD3   5/11/67-    
James O. Curtis, EN2   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo?  
Toi Dinh Dang, GM3 69-71
An Thoi
An Thoi
PCFs 3805, 3812 & 3814 - Santa Ana, CA
Michael Peter Danicich, BM3   12/26/68-1/70 An Thoi *deceased 11/29/01 in Milwaukee, WI
Robert Salvatore Danker, GMG3   6/28/68-   was from Montana
John Anthony Darmetko, EN2   12/10/68-   was from New York
Gerald Clifford Daub, GMG3   10/7/67-   *retired GMGC 2/19/90 - was from Virginia
Roger Albert Davenport, QM2   8/22/67-   *retired QM1 8/30/79 - was from Virginia
James Alfred Daves, QM2   6/5/68-    
Warren Alfred David, EN2   10/7/67-    
Harold T. Davis, RDSN   4/27/67-    
Peter Alan Davis, RD3   3/9/68-3/69 DaNang/Chu Lai ?from California?
Robert Eugene Davis, YN2   1/2/69-   CosRon One Staff - Okarchie, OK
Thomas Howard Davis, BM3   6/12/66-    
Thomas Warren Davis, QM2   5/22/67-    
Walter Marvin Davis, BM3   1/12/68-    
Warren Alfred Davis, EN1   10/7/67-    
Wayne Oscar Davis, BM3   7/18/67-    
J.F. Davison, EN3   12/69-1/70 An Thoi  
John Carroll Dean, BM2   5/3/68-    
Joaquim Timotheo J. Dearaujo, QM2   8/22/68-   was from California
Paul De Degarie, SN   67-69   ?PCF 29? - ?made MM3? - Oceanside CA
Gary Michael DeHaven, EN3 68-69 DaNang/Hue Stanwood, WA
Ronald Lynn Deibert, RD3   7/15/68-   ?deceased 1/4/73 in Garden Grove, CA?
Ervin R. Deis, QM2   6/5/67-    
Robert Shelton Denham, GMGSN   4/10/67-   was from California
Harry John Denman       Chandler, AZ
Stephen Wayne Dennis, GMGSN   5/17/66-    
Frank Wallace Derdush, BMSN   5/29/68-    
William Charles Derringer, BM1?       *retired BMCM 12/31/80 - Liberty, KY
James M. Dertli, SN   1/29/67-    
Verne M. DeWitt, MR2     Duvall, WA
Ronald Joseph Dickman, BM2   6/6/67-   *retired BMCS 12/31/91 - was from Washington
Damon Emory Dicks ENFN/3   ?-10-2/70? Cat Lo Lake City, FL
Douglas M. Dimmick, BM2   8/20/67-    
Roy James Diviney Jr, QM3/2   3/19/68-   was from Pennsylvania
James Louis Dodd, BM3   12/12/68-   was from Washington
William Leroy Doering, GMGSN/3   2/24/68-2/69 DaNang ?Huntington Beach, CA?
Ralph W. Dominey, QM2   12/69-3/70 An Thoi *retired QM1 5/25/79 - *deceased 2/5/10 in Mobile, AL
Richard D. Donovan Jr, EN2   9/1/67-    
Dennis Michael Dooley, RDSN 8/13/68-1/70 An Thoi Kirkland, WA
Bryan J. Doris, RMSN/3   1/21/66-12/66 Qui Nhon  
Glen P. Douglas, BM2/1   5/1/66-   *retired BMCM 9/19/88 - was from Virginia
Pat (Nmn) Dowdy, GMGSN/3   8/18/66-2/70 An Thoi was from Kansas
Robert C. Doyle       Steubenville, OH
Bruce Franklin Dozier, EN2 7/70-9/70 Cat Lo ?with LTJG Gugliotta crew on the 89 boat? - *retired ENC 9/30/88 - Tallahassee, FL
William Alexander Drew, SR   3/7/67-   was from Montana
Wayne Joel Drumm, EN2   2/70-3/70
?-10/70 -?
An Thoi *deceased 12/6/94 in San Diego, CA
William Myrle Dudley, BM3 12/8/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cua Viet Springdale, AR
Robert Francis Duggan, QM2   12/3/67-11/68 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Massachusetts
Gerald Albert Durand, QM2   5/15/68-    
Marland Elroy Durdahl, QM2   6/5/68-   *retired QM2 7/20/71 - was from Minnesota
Dennis John Durham 1967-69 Chu Lai ?deceased 2006?
Louie Nelson Durham Jr, RD3   2/5/68-   was from North Carolina
Mike Durham       ?PCF 35? - Ensign, KS
Robert Roy Dusenbury, RD3 2/14/68-2/69 Cat Lo/An Thoi Happy Camp, CA
Darryl L. Dvergsten, EN3   6/5/68-    
Kenneth Robert Eisenhart, QM2   9/6/67-   was from California
Gary Hicks Elam, EN3   11/69-3/70 Cat Lo/An Thoi Elam , TN
Frank William Elberson, BM1 ?66/67? ?Cat Lo? *retired BM1 on 11/4/71 - Mesquite, NV (per niece Cindy Carbiener)
David Oscar Elkins, EN2   11/26/68-    
Dennis Ellard, RD3   3/19/68-    
Robert Archer Elms, GMG3   11/4/68-   was from Florida
Thomas Eugene Elsworth Jr, FN (son) 1966-68 Qui Nhon *deceased 6/8/1998 in Spokane, WA
David (Nmn) Eminian Jr, EN1   10/27/67-   ?retired EN1 12/9/77? - was from Ohio
Freddie Lee Epperly, BM2   9/26/68-   was from West Virginia
Gerald W. Erath, SK1   ?2/12/68?   ?retired SK1 1/22/68?
Carl Thomas Escene, RD3   5/11/67-    
Gary Dee Evans, GMG3   6/20/68-    
Julius Berette Evans, BM2   10/26/67-4/68
An Thoi/DaNang *deceased 12/17/2010 in Chester, PA
Lloyd Edward Ewald, BM3       Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Farrell, ET1   2/22/67-    
John Ferraro Jr, SN   6/18/68-    
Gary Keith Fiddelke, EN2   6/20/68-    
J(ames P.) Fitzgerald       Miami, FL
Alvin Clark Fjeldsted, RD3   ?-10-2/70? Cat Lo Provo, UT
Harold Edward Flinchum, BM2   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo Lexington, KY
Leonard Lee Fischer, BM3   12/69-3/70 An Thoi Kennewick, WA
Timothy Xavier Fitzpatrick, RD3   7/30/67-7/68 DaNang *deceased 5/1990 in Towson, MD
Ronald Earl Fivas, RMSA/SN/3   8/17/66-7/68 DaNang Tooele, UT
Hugh James Flowers, BM3   9/6/68-69   Lansdale, PA
Richard Arthur Fogelsanger, ENFN 1965/66   ?PCF 5 & 18? - Elizabethtown, PA
David Foltz, EN2   1968-69 Qui Nhon/An Thoi was from Billerica, MA
Winward James Fontenot, YN2   12/8/67-   *retired YN1 8/31/80 - was from Louisiana
Amos Laddie Force, YN2   9/9/67-   ?retired YN1 1/27/77? - was from Massachusetts
Richard James Fountain, RD3   3/12/68-3/69 Qui Nhon ?deceased 7/26/1972 in Alameda, CA?
Ronald W. Foust, EN2   9/21/67-    
Donald James Fox, BM2       2 tours - *retired BMC 2/29/88 - ?deceased 1/18/08 in Oswego, NY?
John R(obert) Frankenberg Jr, SF1   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - ?retired SFC 4/1/75 - from New Jersey?
Daniel J. Frantsen, RD3   7/13/68/69 Chu Lai  
Gerald W. Frath, SK1   2/12/68-    
Robert James Fredette Jr, RD2   2/24/68-2/69 Qui Nhon *deceased 1/11/2012 in Redding, CA
Mark Friend      
Donald Dean Frost, EN1   12/14/67-12/68 DaNang *retired ENC 7/31/1975 - Oklahoma City, OK
Anthony E. Fulette, GMG3   12/26/68-    
Donald Nelson Fuller, GMG3   4/13/67-68   ?Norfolk, VA?
Stephen D. Fuller, RD3   7/17/68-    
John Francis Gaffney, SK3 66/67 DaNang/Chu Lai ?retired SK2 3/1/90? - Elizabethtown, KY
Paul Elroy Gamble, EN2   12/26/68-   was from Pennsylvania
Horacio "Ray" Garcia       Midland, TX
Robert Clyde Garrett Sr, EN1 9/65-8/66 DaNang Soldotna, AK
Victor James Garrido, BM3/2   9/1/67-    
Hector Homero Garza, GMGSN   6/11/68-    
Edward L. Geary, SN   66-67 Qui Nhon  
Kenneth Wayne Genthner, GMG3   7/2/68-   was from New Hampshire
Larry Joseph Gentry, RD2   early '70 Cam Ranh Bay/Cat Lo was from Nebraska
James Earl Gibson, GMG3   2/5/68-    
Richard E. Gilbert, RD3   6/9/67-    
Thomas J. Gili, QM2   6/68-1/69 An Thoi  
Michael James Gill, GMG3   11/4/68-   was from California
James Edward Gillmen, RM3   4/1/66-    
Earl Lee Givens, GMG3   9/6/67-69 Qui Nhon ?retired GMG1? - *deceased 9/29/90 in Los Angeles, CA
Earl Arthur Gleason, GMGSN   66-67 Cat Lo ?South Carolina?
James Shea Glen III, RDSN   3/19/68-    
Clarence Allen Goad, QM2   4/20/68-8/68 DaNang/An Thoi PCF 12 & 94 - Mission Viejo, CA
Carlous Wayne Goddard, BM3   8/29/68-6/69
DaNang/An Thoi/Cat Lo ?Casa Grande, AZ?
Lewis Dale Goin, EN2   8/22/67-   *retired EN1 7/31/84 - was from Louisiana
Jose E. Gonzalez, GMG1   4/17/68-    
Gary Gene Goodie, GMGSN/3   9/15/67-    
Theodore W. Goshard, (PO2)   4/10/67-    
Merhle Edwin Grable, BM3/2   2/26/68-   *deceased 5/29/92 in Newark, DE
David Wayne Gray, RM3   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? was from Oklahoma
Charles David Green, BM3   10/28/68-2/70 An Thoi  
David Green, QM2   10/69-3/70 An Thoi  
James F. Green, EN3   1967 Cam Ranh Bay  
Lawrence Richard Green, GMG3   5/3/68-    
Lionel Pearson Green, GMG3   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo/An Thoi was from South Carolina
Paul Edward Greene, GMG3   9/6/67-   was from Arizona
Thomas Merrill Greene, RD2   1970 An Thoi PCF 38 - Redlands, CA
Richard Roy Greenig, SN No Computer 1/67-1/68 DaNang PCF 22
Donald Gregerson       Baltimore, MD
Hugh J. Griffitas, RDSN   12/69-3/70 An Thoi  
Jerry Edward Griffith Sr, GMG3   DaNang/Cat Lo/Qui Nhon Rainbow City, AL
Ernest Manuel Grimaldo, GMG3   5/24/67-   was from California
Michael Duane Grimes, YNSN     Davie, FL
Donald J. Gruenwald, BM3   7/20/67-    
Donald Gene Gryder, BM3       *retired BMC 5/31/91 - Virginia Beach, VA
George Thomas Gundrum, EN2   6/3/67-    
David Leno Gurvich, QM2   11/20/67-   *retired QM1 3/5/73 - was from California
Frank J. Gutierrez, GMGSN   ?9/68? ?Chu Lai/Cua Viet? Tucson, AZ
Randall Lee Haas, RDSN/3   6/20/67-   ?PCF 98? - *deceased 9/27/07 in Sparr, FL
James Ronald Hager       Monroe, WA
Milburn Haillon, ENC   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff?
Sheryl Lynn "Lannie" Hale, SH3   9/68-9/69   Windsor Heights, IA
Edward E. Hall, MR1   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff?
Ellis Hall, BM2   6/20/67-    
Ernest L. Hamm, EN2   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff?
Robert Lynn Hampton, RD3 4/25/70-12/70
An Thoi/Cam Ranh Bay ?PCF 40?
Grover Leroy Handley, SFC   1/66-1/67 DaNang *retired SFC 3/15/71 - *deceased 12/4/06 in Crescent City, CA
Darryl L. Hankins, RM1   11/7/67-   was from Arkansas
Jeffery (Carl) Hanson       Baudette, MN
Paul Alan Harmon, RD3   5/22/67-    
Michael John Harney, EN3   3/21/68-   was from New York
William Paul Harvey, ICFN 67 Cam Ranh Bay ?PCF 10? - Monterey, CA
Richard J. Harney, GMG2       Waterford, NY
James Henry Harper, EN2 12/3/68-   ?PCF 88 in 1969, out of Cam Ranh Bay? - Everett, WA
Richard Harper       Sealy, TX
Arthur L. Harris, SK1   10/2/68-    
Frank Earl Harris, GMGSA   4/13/67-    
George Frederick Harris, EN3   2/26/68-    
James David Harris, EN2   2/2/68-    
Kenneth L. Harris, GMG3   12/26/68-    
Orville F. Harris, GMG3/2   6/6/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Oswald Alfonzo Harris, GMGSN/3   10/8/68-1/69 An Thoi was from Virginia
William Llyod Harris, RD2   4/11/68-    
James Paul Harrison Jr, RD2   11-12/69-?? Cat Lo was from Texas
William S. Hasson III, YN1   7/4/67-    
John Scott Hatcher Jr, QM3   4/70-1/71 Cat Lo Grapevine, TX
H. Haviland, RMSA   10/65    
Orvil Ray Hays, RDSN   12/12/68-   was from Illinois
Richard A. Hayson, EN2   5/22/67-    
John Howard Heatherly Jr, BM3   12/26/68-3/70 An Thoi Buckeye, AZ
Frank D. Henning Jr, BM2   9/19/67-   was from Wyoming
Art Heiring   1970 An Thoi Los Angeles, CA (Watts area)
Arthur Leroy Henrichs, BMSN/3   7/21/68-69 Cat Lo Deer Creek, OK
Dennis Ray Henrichs, EN3   6/5/68-    
Robert Lee Hernden Sr, EN2   1/16/67-   *retired EN1 12/31/90 - was from Michigan
Duke Henry, GMG3     Salisbury, MD
James Ward Henry, EN3/2 ?66-2/67? ?Cat Lo? Crew 36 - *retired ENC 2/28/83 - Middleburg, FL
David Mattson Hensley, EN3   6/20/68-6/69 DaNang ?Hohenwald, TN?
Jack Hepherton       Soldotna, AK
Peter Michael Herchik, BM2 7/6/68-70 Qui Nhon/An Thoi Cersco, PA
Nicky Hernandez       Suffolk, VA
Richard H. Hernandez, BM3   1/11/68-1/69 Qui Nhon  
Jack L. Hetherton Jr, ET1   4/68-12/69 Cam Ranh Bay Soldotna, AK
William Lewis Hickey, EN3/2 2/66-2/67 DaNang *retired CWO2 on 10/19/84 - Edgewood, NM
Kenneth Larry Hicks, SN   2/14/67-   was from Kentucky
R. D. Hicks, SMSN     Cat Lo/An Thoi ?transferred to USS Satyr ARL-23 on 12/1/70?
Thomas Doyle Hileman, RD3   12/26/68-   was from Pennsylvania
John Harmon Hill, EN2 3/23/68-12/69 DaNang ?PCF 19? - *deceased 8/13/13 in Covington, LA
Clifford Earl Hillis, RD3 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang ?PCF 70? - Glendale, AZ
Charles E. Hinton, BM1   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? *retired BMC 5/15/70 - was from Oregon
Richard Samuel "Hippy" Hipskind, RMSN/3   10/65 Cat Lo Cat Lo plankowner - Wabash, IN
Neal Allen Hirsh, RDSN   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo  
Robert M. Hobbs, GMGSN   6/20/68    
Lee Stuart Hodges, QM2   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo was from Illinois
Bob Frederick Holland, GMGSN/3   5/9/67- Qui Nhon left country 5/8/68 - was from Colorado
Robert Wayne Holland, RD3   6/16/67-   was from Louisiana
Michael Hans Holleson, GMG3   11/18/67- DaNang  
William Francis Hollopeter, GMG3   6/20/68-   was from Californiar
James Thomas Holmes, BM3   8/15/68-69 DaNang/Cat Lo  
Steven Holton       Baldwinsville, NY
Robert C. Hoochen, RDSN (sp)   2/23/68-    
Robert Hoodersheldt, EN2   5/15/66-    
Larry Glen Hopkins, QM2   7/30/68   was from Kansas
Darland A. Hopson, RMSN/3   10/65 Cam Ranh Bay  
Jackie Ray Horne, EN2   10/7/67-   *retired ENCM 4/30/81 - was from Tennesse
Daniel Lee Hough, GMGSN/3   6/8/67-   was from Michigan
Earl (Nmn) Houp, QM2   4/11/68-   *retired QM2 7/12/71 - was from Kentucky
Larry Claud Howe, EM2   11/18/66-   was from Oklahoma
Walter L. Howell Jr, SN   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo?  
David Michael Hubbard, GMGSN   2/14/68-   was from Ohio
Robert R. Hudson, SK2   6/3/68-    
William H. Hudson, EN3   66-67 Qui Nhon ?West Virginia?
Michael Homer Huey, GMG3   6/5/68-   was from Maine
Michael Douglas Huff, BMSN/3   9/6/68-69   was from Indiana
Sammy Dale Huffman, GMGSN 7/16/67-7/68 DaNang Seattle, WA
Dennis Michael Hughes, QM3 4/65-6/66 An Thoi *deceased 12/19/03 in Manhattan, IL
Jerry Louis Hughes, BM2   5/22/67-   *retired BMC 7/31/79 - was from Washington
Wendell Van Hughett, BM3   2/26/68-   *retired BMCM 12/19/95 - was from South Carolina
Robert Ravenel Hunt, EN2   ?-11-2/70-? Cat Lo was from Florida
Vernon Grady Hunt Jr, BMSN   7/15/68- An Thoi PCF 88
William Daniel Hutchinson, SN       Ellwood City, PA
Malcom (Nmn) Hysler, EN2   2/70-2/70 An Thoi was from South Carolina
Russel Lee Idler, EN2   9/12/68-   *deceased 2/17/2007 in Vancouver, WA
Thomas J. Ingle, EN2   66-67 Qui Nhon  
C. D. Jackson, SN     Cat Lo/An Thoi ?transferred to USS Satyr ARL-23 on 12/1/70?
James Loman Jackson, RM2 6/69-10/69 Qui Nhon WIA 10/3/1969 & medevaced to the states - Grapevine, TX
Richard Lewis Jacoby, EN3   7/69-3/70 An Thoi was from Wisconsin
George Michael Jamrock, EN3   ?10/67? Qui Nhon *deceased 4/19/11 in Chicago, IL
Edgar R. Jarrell, QM1   7/27/68-   *retired QMC 1/25/74 - was from Kentucky
Richard Lynn Jarrett, EN2   12/26/68-   was from Oregon
Edward Alexand Jarzebbowski, RDSN/3   6/16/67-??   Franklin, MI
Michael Andrew Jasper, GMG2       *retired GMG1 on 8/19/94 - Armona, CA
Robert Dwane Jenkins, GMGSN/3   7/13/68-7/69 DaNang Reno, NV
Jerome Louis Jenkins, SA   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? Persia, IA
Joe Jennings       Pearl, MS
Carl Richard Jensen, GMG3   6/20/68-   was from California
Wayne William Jensen, RD3 12/2/67-11/68 DaNang/Chu Lai ?PCF 5 & 39? - Milwaukee, WI
Eduardo (Nmn) Jimenez, GMG2   7/26/68-   *retired GMG1 6/30/82 - was from Florida
Frederico Antonio Joanilho, EN2   ?10/67? Qui Nhon *deceased 5/16/80 in San Francisco, CA
Dennis W. Johnson, CS3   4/23/67-    
Jerome R. Johnson, QM2   7/30/68-    
Lomax Dale Johnson, BM2   3/11/68-   was from Virginia
Richard Paul Johnson, RDSN/3 6/5/67-6/68 An Thoi ?PCF 73? - Eads, TN
Samuel Lee Johnson, GMG3   11/18/68-    
Terry Sidney Johnson, EN1   4/16/68-6/69 DaNang  
William Johnson Jr, BM2   10/29/66-    
James Leon Jolivette, SN     Cat Lo/An Thoi ?transferred to USS Satyr ARL-23 on 12/1/70? - deceased 2/14/01 in Scott, LA
Bill Kent Jones, EN2   12/14/67-   was from Missouri
Dale Evan Jones, RD3/2 10/69-3/70 DaNang/An Thoi PCF 65, 93 - ?retired 6/1/89? - Hillsboro, NH
Dempsey (Nmn) Jones III, RD3 9/4/68-12/69 Qui Nhon/Cat Lo ?PCF 37? - Las Vegas, NV
James A. Jones Jr, GMG3   6/30/67-    
James Michael Jones Sr, GMG3 4/66-11/67   ?PCF 75? - Greenville, SC
Kevin Curtis Jones, BM3   5/17/68-   was from Idaho
Leroy Jones, QM2   ??-10/70 An Thoi  
T. Jones, RMSN   10/65    
Johnnie C. Julian, EN1   1/5/68-   *retired EN1 8/10/71 - was from Washington
Richard (Nmn) Julin, QM2   6/20/68-   *retired QMCS 10/31/88 - was from California
Joseph Harold Kabacinski, BM1   6/20/68-6/69 Qui Nhon *retired BM1 12/23/74 - was from Wisconsin
(Michael John) Kager, (SN)   11/67-5/68 AnThoi ?was from Ohio?
Eddie Peter Kajicka, EN3   7/68-69 DaNang Ocate, NM
Robert J. Kajir       Mesa, AR
Kurt Herbert Kannowski Jr, EN3   2/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Joseph Karacinski, BM2   6/20/68-    
Wayne Franklin Kash, BM2   1/19/68-   *retired BMC 10/16/78 - *deceased 8/5/99 in La Junta, CO
Wayne Lawrence Katuin, YN2   1/2/69-   was from Wisconsin
Michael Ronnie Katz, SN   3/16/67-    
T(im) A. Kelle, EN2   69-70 An Thoi  
Bobbie M. Kelley, EN3   6/8/67-    
Dennis Michael Kelley, SN/BM3   8/29/68-9/69 An Thoi  
Thomas A. Kelley, EN2   9/69-1/70 An Thoi Suiteland, MD
George Paul Kelly, BMSN   5/9/68-    
Aubrey Albert Kempf, EN2   6/6/67-   ?retired EN1 4/30/81? - was from Kentucky
Dennis Evan Kempf, BM3/2 12/26/68-6/69
DaNang/An Thoi/Cat Lo Ozawkie, KS
William A. Kennedy, BM3   1/2/68-    
Alfred Eugene Kennon, BT2   Cat Lo ?advisor? - Farmington, MO
James L. Kerns, GMG3   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo?  
Elton Roger Key, BM2   8/29/68-69 DaNang *deceased 5/18/00 in Hartford, WI
Richard Allen Kilisz, RD2   3/9/68-3/69   Panama City, FL
Gary Lloyd Kimball, PO? 68-69 An Thoi ?retired Chief 3/31/88? - Vilas, NC
Michael Olen King, EN1   3/23/68-69 Cat Lo ?retired EN1 on 11/19/82? - Mosheim, TN
Bill Kirschbaum        
Charles Joseph Kirkeby II, SN   1/21/66-67 Qui Nhon made SH2 - was from California
Lonstanty Kisell, YN1   2/12/68-    
Richard William Klein, EN3   4/18/68-    
Robert Glenn Kline, QM2/1   1/13/68-69 An Thoi was from Arizona, - medevaced in 69 - ?QMCS, died in auto accident in Australia?
William Anthony Klyczek, QM2 ??-11/69
Cat Lo/An Thoi Harbor City, CA
Orliff E. Knapp, EN2   4/10/67-   was from Missouri
Phillip James Knapp, QM2/1   10/2/68-   *retired QMC 7/18/75 - *deceased 6/26/08 in Wauconda, IL
Kenneth Allan Knipple, EN2 1/70-10/70 Cat Lo/Sea Float/An Thoi *retired EN1 on 7/31/83 - Albany, OR
Joseph Thomas Kobielusz, RM3   12/8/66-   was from Wyoming
Robert Kraus       Concord, CA
Fred J. Krelczyk, EN2   8/11/67-    
John J. Kresztenyi Jr, RD2   7/68-69 DaNang Bronx, NY
William Carter Kropff, BM2   8/17/68-   Chattanooga, TN
Albert L. Kukar, PO?       ?PCF-8? - retired PO1 on 1/15/1968 - Wikenburg, AZ
Daryl Dean Kruse, RM3   7/28/67-    
D(onald Thomas) LaBelle       Ypsilanti, MI area
Robert Marshall Lake Jr, GMGSA   7/6/67-   was from North Carolina
Gale T. Lampshire, RD3   3/19/68-    
Jack Kenneth Lane, GMG3 12/3/67-11/68 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Indiana
Thomas Gary Lane, BM2   6/16/67-10/67
Chu Lai/ DaNang *retired BM1 on 2/28/82 - was from Texas
Gerald Everett Langworthy, EN3     Cat Lo/Solid Anchor staff - was from New York
Ronald Frank Laratta, GMG2       Roswell, GA
Richard Dana Larkam, RD3 11/69-11/70 DaNang/Ha Tien/An Thoi ?PCF 101? - *deceased 9/7/2012 in San Antonio, TX
Michael Bruce Lasher, GMG2       Falls, WA
Lawrence Pollock Lawniczak, BM3 1967   Oshkosh, WI
Paul Bernard Lawrence, QM2   6/20/68-   was from Ohio
Standlee Lawrence       Long Beach, CA
Gerald D. Lawson, EN3   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo  
L.J. Lay, RMSN   10/65    
Charles Clifton Lee, GMGSA/SN/3   2/14/68-1/69 An Thoi  
Chester Lee, GMG3   6/3/68-    
Dorse Edward Lee Jr, SN 7/23/68- Cam Rahn Bay/Cat Lo PCF 96 - Lake Charles, LA
James Roger Lee, BM3/2   3/10/68-3/69 DaNang  
Larry Clayton Lee, BM3   1/69-5/69 An Thoi  
Pete Lee       was from Mississippi
Francis James Leichey, SM1       deceased 8/12/2007 in Spencer, WI
Charles W. Lerlo, BM2   10/2/68-    
William Thomas Levi, GMG3   10/68 to 4/69 Cam Ranh Bay Husky kid about 5' 9", bright red hair and a face full of freckles
Ronald K. Lewis, GMG3   9/69-2/70 An Thoi  
William Arthur Lewis, GMGSN   2/11/68-    
Dave Lindahl       Vancouver, WA
Theron G. Lindsley, QM2   3/24/68-    
Edward Michael Linneman, RD3   7/30/68-    
James H. Lipscomb Jr, EN2   11/16/67-6/69 Qui Nhon  
Dennis Little       Reading, PA
William George Little, RD2   12/30/68-    
Dolen Wade Littleton, EN1 (son) 1/31/67-1/25/68 DaNang *retired ENCS 7/16/79 - *deceased 10/11/09 in Gautier, MS
Paul Lokasiewicz, GMG3   2/18/67-    
Reynaldo Garcia Lopez, EN2   10/69-2/70 An Thoi ?PCF 61? - San Benito, TX
Francis Quentin Lopiccolo, QM2/1   4/5/68-4/69 Qui Nhon ?awarded Bronze Star? - Seneca Falls, NY
Klaus Wolfgang Loquasto, QM2   1/70-3/70 An Thoi was from Pennsylvania
David Kent Loren, BM3   12/26/68-    
Alan Richard Lotspeich, RM2   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo was from California
Randall Lee Lowcock, GMGSN   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo Mineola, TX
James Charles Lowe, QM2   1/2/69-    
William Lee Lowe, QM1   11/26/68-    
Gene Wayne Lowell, GMG3   7/2/68-   was from Maine
Stephen Paul Ludwig, GMGSN   7/2/68-    
Al Lund     An Thoi  
Thaddeus Robert Lupo Jr, BM3   10/69-2/70 An Thoi was from Maryland
Edward George Lutzen, BM3   2/19/68-    
James Lynch      
Walter Max Lyons, GMG2 10/66-10/67 Qui Nhon crew 12A - *retired GMGC on 8/31/1980 - Maysville, NC
Steven Mallory Lyst, RDSA/SN/3   3/9/68-69 Cat Lo Marietta, GA
David William Mack, GMG3   6/5/68-    
Leon Charles Mack, QM3   5/29/68-    
Michael Lee Maddox, QM2   9/9/67-8/68 DaNang deceased 5/12/00 in Garden Grove, CA
Richard Lee Maddox, RD3   12/26/67-   was from California
David Madison, GMG3       was from Ohio
Richard Delwin Madison, RD3   12/14/67-12/68 DaNang  
James Francis Magee, GMGSA   6/5/68-    
Jerry S. Mallejos, BM3   6/5/68-    
Landon E. Marewith, EN1   12/68 DaNang  
Landon Lee Markwith, EN2   9/27/67-9/68 DaNang *retired ENC 2/28/82 - was from Georgia
Lon D. Marlow III, RM3   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - ?West Point, GA?
Gabriel (Nmn) Marquez, EN1   7/30/67-7/68 DaNang *retired ENC 6/30/83 - was from California
Phillip Marsden       Tucson, AZ
Arthur F. Martelli, RD3   8/26/67-    
Gary Henry Martin, RMSN 2/66-12/66 DaNang/Cam Rahn/Chu Lai ?PCF 20? - *retired RMCS 5/19/1986 - Langtry, TX
Grover Leland Martin Jr, DC3   9/69-2/70 An Thoi was from Tennessee
James Leon Martin, RDSN   10/2/68-    
Lance McKiel Martin, GMGSN   5/2/68-    
Carlton Mason       Norfolk, VA
Richard Chester Mason, BM3   12/26/68-   was from New Jersey
Jeffrey Paul Matuewezski, BM3   6/5/68- An Thoi/Cat Lo was from Massachusetts
Gordon A. Maxwell, EN2   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo  
Milton D. Maxwell, EN2   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo *retired EN1 5/16/74 - was from Colorado
Byrne W. Mayer Jr, QM2   10/69-3/70 An Thoi Stratham, NH
Michael Alan Mayfield, SN   9/28/67-   was from Missouri
Johnnie B. Mays, EM2   66-67 Qui Nhon was from Arkansas
Clarence S. McAlpin, SM2   6/8/67-   *retired SM1 3/27/72 - was from Washington
Lawrence Lewis McClintick, EM1 66-67 Qui Nhon *retired EMC 6/15/77 - Collinsville, IL
C. McCoy, RMSN   10/65    
William Ernest McCoy Jr, GMG2   3/29/67-   was from Tennessee
Phillip McDaniel       Midway, KY
John Larkin McDonald II, EN3   6/5/68-   was from California
Richard McDonough, RD3   6/20/68-    
Steven Michael McFarland, BM3   10/28/68-9/69 An Thoi was from California
Osmond Paul McGahey, BMSN/3   3/1/68-   was from Illinois
Mickey Ted McGee, GMGSA/SN   5/18/68-5/69 DaNang  
(T.or J.) Daniel McGowan       Waukee, IA
Bobby J. McGrath, BM3     An Thoi St. Louis, MO
Warren Lee McHorse, GMG2   6/6/67-12/18/67 An Thoi Toyah, TX
Thomas Jerry McIntosh, EN3   5/15/68-   was from Florida
Bruce L. McKeefry, QM2   7/2/68-    
George N. McKenzie, SN   66-67 Qui Nhon  
Terry Lee McKinney, RDSA/SN   4/20/68-4/69 DaNang  
Patrick McLaughlin, BM3   7/26/68-    
Richard Lee McMillen, GMGSN/3   12/26/68-3/70 An Thoi was from Oregon
William Arthur McMillian, QM2   4/3/68-   *retired QMC 8/31/84 - was from Michigan
Terry Lee McMillion, BM3   12/26/68-   was from Texaskenneth
Kenneth Willard McMullen, GMGSN   6/28/68-   was from California
Jack McWilliams       Missoula, MT
Joseph John Mehfoud, GMG2   66-67 Cat Lo *deceased 5/8/1995 in Richmond, VA
Robert R. Meisenheimer, EN3   8/16/68-    
Donald Joseph Mendes, BM3   12/26/68-    
Ernest L. Messer, QM2   12/3/67-   *retired QM1 1/10/75 - was from Florida
Thomas Joseph Meyer, BM3   3/11/68-   was from Kentucky
Alan B. Meyerfield, RD2   12/1/67-11/68 DaNang  
Dennis Daniel Mick, SK2   7/16/67-   was from California
James W. Middlesworth, QM2   12/14/67-11/68 Qui Nhon ?Duluth, GA?
Ralph Edgar Miles, BM3   4/11/68-   was from California
Austin B. Miller, EN2   11/4/68-    
James Miller, RD2   2/26/68-    
James Robert Miller, HM2/1   3/25/68-    
Joseph Frank Miller, BM3   6/5/68-    
Mac Miller   ?4/68-4/69? ?Cat Lo? Repair Division - ET Shack
Pascual G. Miller, GMG1   1/21/66-   *retired GMG1 6/1/71 - was from Texas
Stephen Alan Miller, RD2   1/69-6/69 An Thoi  
William M. Miller, QM2   4/18/67-    
Alexander R. Milme, GMG3   6/69-?? Cat Lo  
Denver Mills, RM3 69-70 Qui Nhon ?Concord, CA?
King Paul Mine Jr, SN   10/28/66-    
Bill Miner       Port Angeles, WA
Remigio A. Miranda, EN2/1   8/11/67-   ?retired EN1 7/30/76?
Michael Jean "Mike" Mire     Morgan City, LA
Charles Mitchell, BM3   5/29/68-    
Dammy D. Mitchell, EN1   3/15/68-    
Dennis Patrick Mitchell, EN2   8/30/67-    
Glen Allen Mitchell, QM2   12/18/68-    
Junior R. Mitchell, BM3   1/8/68-   *retired BM1 3/14/72 - was from Florida
Sammy D. Mitchell, EN2/1   3/15/68    
William E. Mitchell, SA   5/17/68-    
Jerry Lee Mock, BMSN/3   9/6/68-69   *retired BMC on 12/19/83 - was from Tennessee
Anthony Sherm Moddesette, EN1 10/25/67-10/68 DaNang ?retired LCDR 4/19/1988? - Woodland, CA
Allan Dean Moffatt, BM3       Concord, CA
Richard W. Moison, BM3   1/5/68 Cat Lo  
Howard B. Mooney Jr, QM1   10/28/68-   ?retired QMC 12/20/76? - was from Arkansas
Asa Lee Moore, RD2 6/20/67-1/69 Cat Lo ?Involved in the first raid on the Cua Bo De? - Blacksburg, VA
Leroy Donald Morang, BM2   7/17/67-   ?retired BM1 4/4/74? - was from Maine
Roberto (Nmn) Moreno, RD3   7/10/67-   was from Texas
Wallace Morgatrey, YN1   2/16/68-    
Danny Leon Moro, RDSA/SN   9/15/67-    
Alvin Everet Morris, EN3   2/26/68-    
Fred N. Morris, BM1   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - was from Alabama
Frank Joseph Moulton Jr, BM3   3/9/68-69 Cat Lo ?Reston, VA?
Joseph Mulholland, QM2   6/20/68-    
Steven Lee Mullen, BM2   12/3/67-11/68 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Kansas
John Charles Muller, FTGSN   3/29/67-   was from Oregon
Terry Mullins, SN        
Terence William Murphy, BM3   12/26/68-   was from Arizona
Anthony Do Musgrove, EN2/1   8/24/67-   ?retired EN1 3/31/82? - was from Mississippi
James Lee Mustoe, EN2   12/26/68-   *retired CWO4 3/19/94 - was from Texas
Kenneth Roy Myers, GMGSN   6/5/68-    
Michael Albert Nacrelli III, QM3       Eagale Lake, FL
Melvin Ellis Neef Jr, EN3 5/69-12/70 Cat Lo Harpers Ferry, WV
Richard John Neesen, EN3   6/5/68-   was from Nebraska
Bob Neilson, RD2       ?PCF 16?
Clarence Fred Nein, GMG2   10/31/68-   *deceased 11/14/87 in Riverside, CA
Kenneth George Nelson, EN2   11/29/68-    
Robert L. Nelson, EN3   68-6/69 Qui Nhon  
Robert Dean Neth, GMG3       ?retired on 8/18/87? - was from Nebraska - - called "Spider Web" (spider web & spider, tattooed across his back)
Clayton S. Newman, BM3   6/6/68-    
Hai Nguyen, VNN Officer     trained VNN crews for swift boat service - Anaheim, CA
Leon Nguyen, VNN Navy     St. Petersburg, FL
Roswell Lee Nichols Sr, GMG1   10/27/67-   *retired GMG1 9/4/76 - *deceased 9/24/2006 in Macon, GA
Raymond W. Nix, EN2   6/6/68-    
Billy Wayne Norton, GMG3   7/2/68-1/70 An Thoi was from Texarkana, TX
Charles L. Norton, EN2 (SS)   9/69-2/70 An Thoi  
Ronnie Carrol Nunn, GMG3   6/5/68-   *retired GMGC 6/30/83 - was from Arizona
John Battista Nuzzolo, BM3   5/29/68-   was from New York
Jan A. Nygard, ETN2   7/69-11/69 An Thoi  
Joseph Edward Oaks, RD2   8/16/68-69 DaNang was from Indiana
Patrick Leon O'Brien, RD2   1/5/68-   *retired OSC 10/31/80 - was from Virginia
Roger Lee O'Diam, RD3   2/24/68- Cat Lo PCF 17, 37 & 101 - Peebless, OH
James Muril Oertli Jr, SN ?10/67? Qui Nhon ?PCFs 13 & 57? - Victoria, TX
Richard Clarance Ogbin, GMG3       ?PCFs 11, 74 w/ LT Joseph Fachinger & BMC Davis? - Lawton, OK
Fred William Olson, EN2   7/69-1/70 An Thoi *retired ENC 8/19/90 - was from California
J.C. Oman, GMGSN   10/65    
Stuart O'Neal       Fort Washington, PA
Joseph Gerard Opatovsky Jr, GMG3   67-69 Cat Lo Plainview, NY
Earl Michael Orbin, RDSN   12/69-3/70
An Thoi/Cat Lo Houston, TX
William Joseph Orr, SN   7/23/68-   ?was from Maryland?
Dennis O'Toole       Chuluota, FL
William N. Pack, EN1   66-67 Qui Nhon  
Frank Francis Packauski, EN3   11/69-1/70 & 1/70-2/70 An Thoi/Cat Lo was from Pennsylvania
Ronald A. Padosaart, GMG2   5/6/67-    
James J. Paillet, QM2   7/6/67-    
Greg Palle(a)s       ?Washington, DC?
Edward Palmer, QM2   3/23/68-    
Anthony M. Palumbo, QM2   12/18/68-    
Ray Miller Paseur, QMC 9/69-9/70 Cat Lo *retired QMCM (SW) 12/19/90 - Menifee, CA
Manuel Jacquine Pena, RM2 ??- 66-67?? Chu Lai Allen, TX
W.R. Pennington, RD2   10/15/70- ?? Sa Dec  
James Perkins       Port Heuneme, CA
Bernard Perreault, EN3   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo Saginaw, MI
Eugene Lloyd Peterson, EN3   6/20/67-   was from Wisconsin
Gary L. Peterson, BM3   10/28/68-2/69 DaNang  
Joseph William Pfaff, EM2   7/69-11/69 An Thoi was from Montana
Bob Pfeifer       Girard, KS
Richard N. Pigott, BM2   66-67 Cat Lo ?retired BM1 7/20/77? - was from Texas
Jimmy Ray Pitts, QM2   10/4/67-   was from Nebraska
Don Michael Platt, GMG3   7/2/68-   ?was from Indiana?
Wayne Bruce Pollock, GMG2   3/24/66-3/7/67   *deceased 7/5/12 in Sammamish, WA
Stephen Michael Poor, SN   1/6/67-    
Ray E. Potter, BM1   67-68 Qui Nhon *retired BMC 3/3/71 - was from California
Ronald Loras Pottratz, GMGSN 2/14/67-9/68   ?PCF 36, 40? - Dakota, IL
Daniel Lawrence Potts, RD3   7/15/68-    
Leon Harold Powers, SN       *deceased 10/28/04 in Arapaho, OK
Terry David Powers, GMG3   8/31/67-   was from Californiaj
James Prater, BM1   1/23/66-    
Charles R. Pratt, QM2   10/2/68-   *retired QM1 7/15/77 - was from New Hampshire
Jimmie Leo Prewett, YN2   ?-11-12/69-? Cat Lo *retired YN1 7/20/77 - was from Nevada
John Darryl Price, RD3 2/9/68-2/69 DaNang/Chu Lai Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
David William Prodehl, RD3   8/26/68-    
Michael L. Profitt, GMGSN   11/18/68-    
Thomas William Quade, ENFN Sa Dec/Cat Lo 11/69-10/70 Blackfoot, ID
Edward Raymond Ramsden, SN   10/4/67-    
James Ramos Ranche, SN   2/19/68-    
Vernon Alfred Rartz, YN1   4/30/68-    
Jon Curtis Ray, RMSN   12/65-8/67   New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
John Wilbur Ray, EN2   ?-10/69-? Cat Lo was from Indiana
Virgil Ray 12/69 Qui Nhon Desoto, MO
R. Reagan, RMSN   10/65    
Delbert Toussaint Reed, GMGSN   5/22/67-   was from Vermont
George P. Rees, QM2   3/16/67-   was from Oregon
Gary Robert Regester, RDSN   12/69-3/70 An Thoi *deceased 7/1/98 in an auto accident, buried in Parkersburg, PA
Calvin Renefield Jr, YN2   2/4/68-    
Jack Roy Revard Jr, QM2     PCF 16 & 24 in DaNang, Chu Lai, Hue? - Queens Creek, AZ
Albert P. Reyes, SN   3/6/67- Qui Nhon  
Dennis Alan Reynolds, QM2 12/15/68-12/69 Cat Lo ?PCF 100? - *retired QM1 on 10/31/83 - Groton, CT
Joseph Aloysius Rhome, EN3   5/5/68-   was from California
Ralph R. Rice, MR1   69-70 Qui Nhon *retired MR1 5/1/75 - was from Nevada
Robert F. Richards, EN2   1/21/66-67 Qui Nhon  
Hurley (Mathis) Richardson, RM3   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - ?Orangeburg, SC?
Charles Merc Riddle, BM2   8/8/67-   *retired BMCS 4/30/91 - was from Nevada
Lawrence Allen Ridolfi, GMG3   4/29/68   was from Connecticut
David James "Red" Rien, RD3 5/69-8/69
Qui Nhon/An Thoi Webster, TX
Mark Leonard Riskin, EN1   3/29/67-   *retired ENCS 7/31/82 - Jacksonville, FL
Joseph Anthony Ristt, BMSN/3   5/9/68-   Albany, NY
Richard M. Ritzman,QM2   8/22/67-    
Charles Lee Roach, BM3   6/5/68-4/69 An Thoi  
John Michael Roberts, GMGSN   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff? - was from Colorado
Larry W. Roberts, RD3/2   10/69-3/70 An Thoi  
Lee Shelton Roberts, EN2   2/26/68-   was from Kentucky
Frankie L. Robertson, EN1   3/68-3/69 Qui Nhon *retired EN1 9/15/70
David Bruce Robinson, GMGSN   7/2/68-    
Don K. Robinson      
Donald E. Robinson, SK1   7/6/68-    
James Lester Robinson, QM1   9/30/68-69 DaNang made Chief
Kenneth L. Robinson, RDSN   2/5/68-    
Larry R(obert) Robinson, ?PR3?   1968-69   ?deceased 7/7/98 in Stockton, NY?
Roy David Robinson, BM3   4/20/68-11/68 DaNang was from West Virginia
Lloyd Henry Rock, GMG3   7/2/68-   was from Texas
James A. Roe, GMG3   11/4/67-    
Theodore William Roehlig II, RD3   12/26/68-   was from Ohio
David L. Rohde, ENC   4/8/68-   ? Staff? - *retired ENC 12/22/75 - was from North Carolina
Billy R. Roles, EN1   12/26/68-   *retired EN1 9/10/75 - was from California
Frank A. Romero, SN   ?10/67? Qui Nhon  
Richard Henry Rongstad, ET1   1969-70 Saigon/Qui Nhon Staff - *retired CWO2 3/31/83 - *deceased 12/10/06 in Concord, CA
Bob Root   1/66-12/66   Flippin, AR
Gregory Dean Rose, GMG3 9/69-3/70 An Thoi PCF 35 w/ Trynor & Alexander crew's - Salt Lake City, UT
Rosen   11/67-5/68 AnThoi  
David Brant Ross, RD3   12/26/68-    
Ronnie (Nmn) Rossie, EM2   66-67 Qui Nhon was from Indiana
James Carney Round Jr, RDSN   2/15/68-   was from Washington
Dexter Rowell      

Robert Michael Rubio, GMG3

      Abilene, TX
Roger Ruff       Juneau, AK
Charles K. Russell, RD2   8/19/68-    
Louis Donald Russell, QM2   10/28/68   was from Illinois
John Edward Safar, GMG3   12/30/68-3/70 An Thoi was from Montana
Tavoi P. Sagapolo, BM3   5/3/68-    
Robert P. Salien, STG2   3/24/68-    
Gary William Sallee, BM3/2 ??/66-??68 An Thoi Bixby, OK
Robert J. Salmon, QM2   9/4/68-   was from Indiana
Michael Eli Samuelson, GMG3     ??/69-??/70 was from Minnesota
Michael Joseph Sanders, RD2   ?-10-12/69-? Cat Lo was from Nebraska
Emillio John Sangillo, BMC   12/67-12/68 Cat Lo *retired BMC on 8/1/75 - *deceased 10/1/01 in Goose Creek, SC
Anicni Sannicclas, BM2 (sp)   6/8/67-    
Anthony Ben Santistevan ?1969?   Trinidad, CO
Gary Richard Sapp, EM2        
Howard Thompson Sargent, GMG3   12/31/65-?? Subic Bay, PI was from North Carolina - *retired GMG1 on 1/10/78
Gerry Sarmiento, QM1   1970 An Thoi  
Pedro Sarmiento, EN2   5/10/67-    
Steven Edward Schilling, DC3   1969 Cua Viet *retired DCCM - Lakeside, CA
Kenneth Gatch Schleyer, BM2   11/29/67-5/68
DaNang/Chu Lai ?PCF 16? - Milford, OH
William C. Schmidt, EN2   7/27/68-    
Ronald Wilbur Schneider, EN3   6/5/68-   was from Minnesota
Sidney Me Schneider, ENC   8/16/67-   ?retired ENC 10/15/73? - was from Washington
J. Schrader, RMSN   10/65    
Gary A. Schultz, QM2   10/15/70- ?? Sa Dec  
David Lee Scroggins, BM3   3/24/68-3/69 An Thoi was from Florida
James William Searcy, RM2       Poplarville, MS
Michael Sears, QM2   11/1/67-    
Eric L. Sedloclk, BM3     An Thoi/Cat Lo  
Michael Selry, EN2   1/2/69-    
Robert William Sennhenn, GMG3   12/26/68-   was from Ohio
James William Selby, EN2   11/67-7/69   Lake Villa, IL
Roy Arthur Serafin, GMG3   6/20/68-   was from Wyoming
Joe Don Shaddix, QM2   9/6/67-   was from Texas
Mearle C. Shaffer Jr, SF1   8/31/67-   *retired SFC 4/30/76 - was from Pennsylvania
James Allen Shaffran, SN/BM3 1/16/67-6/68 Qui Nhon Crew 105 - PCF 62 - retired BMC 7/31/86 - Somerville, AL
John Edward Sharer, BM3   6/5/68-   was from Maryland
Gary Lyle Sheldon, BM2   6/30/67-    
Ralph Edward Sheldon, BM3   6/5/68-   was from California
William T. Shelley, GMG2   11/26/67-    
Bob Shennehen (sp), GMG   mid 1969 DaNang  
Karl Patterson Shepherd, GMG3 67-68 Cam Ranh Bay Rosamond, CA
Richard Shoultz, PO2       ?PCF 69?
Roderick Samuel Shuman, SN   69-70   Mekong Delta area, in the rivers - Savannah, GA
Jerry Ray Simer, QM2   1/2/69-2/70 An Thoi made QM1 - was from Illinios
Kenneth Gregory Simmerman, EN2   1/70-3/70 An Thoi was from South Carolina
John Clarence Simonz, GMG3   7/2/68-   was from California
Edward I. Simpson, EN2   ?-2/70-? Cat Lo  
Carl Alstine Sims, QM2   5/15/68-   *retired QMC 12/10/79 - was from Alabama
Alton Eugene Sistrunk, GMG2   2/23/68-    
Lewis Leo Skamser, RD3   12/1/67-    
Dennis Gene Slack, QM2   6/20/68-    
Frederick J. Sleman       Chicago, IL
Terry Brooks Sloan, QM2   6/1/67-    
George Small       Chapel Hill, NC
Charles David Smith, BM3/2   4/13/67-    
Dewey Robert Smith, BM3/2   8/30/67-   ?PCF 5?
Edward Watson Smith, QM2   11/15/68-    
Frank M. Smith 1/68-??   Espanola, NM
Gary Edward Smith, RDSN   1/70-3/70 An Thoi was from California
Harold Richard Smith Jr, QM1   11/26/68-3/70 An Thoi ?retired QM1 on 3/31/85? - Norfolk, VA
James Leroy Smith, BM2   8/14/67-8/68 DaNang  
J.R. Smith Jr, QM2   69-70 An Thoi  
John Aaron Smith, RD3   5/3/68-    
Robert Lee Smith, QM2   4/6/68-4/69 DaNang  
Robert William Smith, YN2/1   9/24/67-12/68 DaNang  
William Steve Smith, RD3   3/19/68-    
Marvin C. Smothers, EN2   7/13/68-69 DaNang  
John Marvin Snider, SK3   7/10/66-   ?retired SK2 11/30/84? - was from California
Arthur T. Snurkowski, BM3   5/29/68-    
Douglas Raymond Snyder, QM3   11/29/68-   was from California
John Snyder       Mechanicsville, VA
Thomas (Nmn) Sobers, RM1   5/4/67-   *retired RMC 2/17/76 - *deceased 10/14/90 in Norfolk, VA
Donald Maynard Sorenson, QM2   6/8/67-12/17/68 Cat Lo Laconia, NH
Ronald Charles Spicknall, BT3     An Thoi was from New Jersey
Lawrence Michael Spiegel, QM2   6/5/68-   was from New York
Frank Spillers   1/69-1/70    
David Sping       Boston, MA
Robert Lloyd Spoon, QM3   6/5/68-   was from Illinois
Fred R. Spradley, GMG3 1967/68 Cat Lo Perry, GA
Bob St. Martin       San Diego, CA
James William Stackhouse, RD2 12/17/68- Cat Lo/Qui Nhon was from New York
Thomas Stalker       Virginia Beach, VA
Harry C. Starr Jr, ENC   11/30/67-   *retired ENC 7/5/72 - was from California
Ronald J. Statti   ?1966? ?An Thoi? Chilhowie, VA
David William Staver, SN   10/28/68-12/69-?   was from Ohio, Cat Lo
Willard B. Steedmon, RD3   11/25/68-    
Willard Bryan Steelmon, RD3   11/25/68-12/69 Cat Lo/Sea Float medevaced out in 12/69 - Rupert, ID
Jerry Cornelis Steenhoven, GMG3 3/1-12/5/70 An Thoi/Sa Dec/Cat Lo ?PCF 18 & 103? - Castro Valley, CA
Terry Andrew Stephens, BM3 4/69-5/69
Qui Nhon/Cam Ranh/Cat Lo Augusta, KS
Perry Edward Stevens, QM1   ??-10/70 An Thoi was from Missouri
James E. Stewart, QM2   3/7/68-3/69 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Richard Elroy Stewart, SM2   67-68 Qui Nhon  
William Stieler       Fort Meyers, FL
Randall Keith Stinnette, RD3   12/26/68-   was from Nebraska
Andy Stinson     Chu Lai  
Robert Cleveland Stivers, GMG3   5/18/68-5/69 DaNang/?Cat Lo? *retired GMGC 6/15/79 - ?deceased? - Louisville, KY
Philip Jack Stolz, GMGSA   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? was from Idaho
Victor Valentine Stonge, BM3/2   2/19/68-   was from Oregon
Edward W. Stopkowitz, QM2   5/29/68-9/69 An Thoi  
Randolph Rex Storey, BM3   12/26/68-   was from Idaho
Paul Dexter Strong, GMG2   5/67-??   was from Kingsport, TN - retired from Eastman Kodak
Frederick William Strybing, GMG3   ?-10-2/70-? Cat Lo Deland, FL or Houston, TX
Robert William Studds, BM2   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? *retired BMC 11/26/75 - Virginia Beach, VA
Ronald Lee Sunley, RD3   3/5/68-    
Rob(ert) (Nmn) Sturman, QM2   10/28/68-   ?retired QMC 5/31/82 - was from New York?
Thomas A. Suits, GMG2   8/16/68-8/69 DaNang *retired GMG2 2/9/73 - was from Alabama
David Ray Sumter, RD2   9/17/68-2/69
DaNang/An Thoi was from Arizona
James E. Sunderlin     An Thoi ?PCF 92? - Columbia Heights, MN
Everet C. Surdez, GMG1   2/22/67-   *retired GMGC 1/31/81 - was from California
John C. Sutherland, SF1   2/22/67-   *retired SFC 4/21/71 - was from Arizona
Lierado Suto, GMG2   4/27/67-    
James Michael Swagerty, GMG3   7/2/68-    
John Stanley Swidrak, QM2   4/3/68-   was from Virginia
Charles E. Sykes, EN3   early '70 Cam Ranh Bay/Cat Lo  
Norman Ray Tallent, RD2   12/19/67-12/68 DaNang was from Kentucky
James Bailey Talley, QM2   5/15/68-    
Curtis Martin Taylor   late 67-early 69 DaNang from Winston Salem, NC
Gary E. Taylor, ET1   ?1967? Cam Ranh Bay *retired ET1 2/19/74 - was from Georgia
William Taylor, YN2   9/20/67- Cat Lo  
Anthony Wayne Teague, EN2   5/3/68-    
Richard Stanley Telega, EN2       Southington, OH
Carl Edward Thacker, RD2   7/27/68-69 DaNang  
Arnold E. Thiel, BM3   4/5/68-1/69 An Thoi  
Kurt Eugene Theile Jr, QM2   7/27/68-7/69 Qui Nhon  
David Theisen        
Carl Louis Thomas, QM2   11/15/68-    
Dennis Ray Thomas, GMG3   7/19/67-7/68 DaNang was from Illinois
Glenn (Nmn) Thomas, RD2   12/1/67-11/68 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Larry W. Thomas, EN2   ?10/67? Qui Nhon  
Robert Leon Thomas, EN3   6/20/68-6/69 Qui Nhon/An Thoi  
Willie Lee Thomas, GMG2   6/28/68-4/69 An Thoi *retired GMGC on 11/30/84 - was from California
Gary H. Thompson   mid 68-69 An Thoi ?PCFs 71 & 73? - Kalispell, MT
Jerald Lamar Thompson, GMGSN   6/19/67-   was from Georgia
Larry M. Thompson, FTGSN   1/16/67-    
Eugene Kenneth Thorsen, EN2   6/5/68-6/69 DaNang  
Dan Thomas Thornbloom, RD3   5/10/67-    
Harold James Tichacek, QM2   7/2/68-    
Danny Tigen   65-66 An Thoi  
Ralph Edwin Timberlake Jr, RD2   9/6/68-2/69
Cam Ranh Bay/An Thoi ?PCFs 62/45? - Corydon, IN
Billy Joe Tindell, EN2   8/13/68-    
Albert Allen Tobey Jr, GMG3   12/26/68-9/69 An Thoi was from California
Richard Nickolas Tommaselli, QM2   6/5/68-   *retired CWO4 8/19/88 - was from Virginia
Fermin R. Torrez, QM2   2/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Patrick Edward Travers, BM3/2   3/30/67-    
Michael John Trefren, YN2   10/2/68-   *retired YNC 1/31/85 - was from New Mexico
John Anthony Trischitti, QM2   12/26/68-10/69 Cat Lo *deceased 8/22/07 in Pensacola, FL
Robert Alan Trombley, QM2   2/5/68-   *retired QMC 4/30/83 - was from Florida
Francis Eugene Trousdale, ET1   66-67 Qui Nhon made ETC - was from California
Earl Wayne Troutt, RD3   7/18/68-   Troy, TX
Kenneth Irving Tryon, SF1   1/66-1/67 Qui Nhon *retired HTC 1/27/71 - Oak Harbor, WA
James Arthur Tucker, BM3/2   1/8/68-    
Thomas Robert Tucker, EN2/1   3/24/68-    
William Tucker       Virginia Beach, VA
Bill Turner       Jefferson, GA
Leslie Howard Turner, QM2   7/18/67-   was from Missouri
Arnold R. Ullua, QM1   8/11/67-    
Russell Steven Unger, RDSN/3   8/13/68-   was from Hawaii
Joseph Walter Urey, GMG3 11/66-10/67 Qui Nhon ?PCF 58? - Mercer, PA
Bennie Joe Valeu, QM1   11/65-12/66 Cat Lo Chula Vista, CA - *retired CWO-3 on 12/1/76
Charles E. Vandemann, RD3   7/30/68-    
Lee Van Easter, BM2       *retired BM1 6/19/79 - was from California
Woodrow Vaughn       Atlanta, GA
Michael Robert Vales, QM2   7/2/68-    
Jerry Santos Vallejos, BM3   6/5/68-   was from Colorado
Sam Tom Varnado, EN2   8/13/68-   *retired EN1 10/31/80 - was from Louisiana
Richard Paul Vaughn, EN2/1   12/17/67-12/20//68 Qui Nhon *retired ENCS 12/31/1984 - Lynnwood, WA
Redmin Velez, EN2   3/19/68-    
Kenneth M. Vencil II, ET1   4/3/68-   *retired ETCM 7/19/91 - was from Kentucky
Jese Ramon Vines, YN2   2/13/68-    
David R. Visscher, RD3   9/25/68-    
Daniel Evan Vogt, RD3   12/19/68-    
Sam Tom Varnado, EN2   8/13/68-   *retired EN1 10/31/80 - was from Colorado
Leslie Lyle Vorrahl, RD3   11/15/68-    
James Dolph Leo Wages, EN2   8/69-12/69 An Thoi *deceased 2/16/88 in Altamonte Springs, FL - retired EN? on 6/8/77?
Harold S. Walbridge, QM2   8/13/68   was from New Mexico
Ronald Lee Waldrup, EN2/1   9/9/67-9/68 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo ?PCF 88? - *retired EN1 5/18/76 - *deceased 6/11/99 in Gautier, MS
Charles Henry Walkup, RDSA/SN   2/26/68-    
Joseph Mill Wall Jr, EN2   1966 Cam Ranh Bay made EN1 - was from California
William C(lay) Wall, (HM1)       ?retired HMC 8/31/80? - Council Bluffs, IA
John Dee Wallace Jr, GMG3   3/18/68-    
Frank Waller, BM3   2/26/68-    
John Walton Jr, QM2   5/23/67-    
Paul R. Ward, ENC   66-67 Qui Nhon *retired ENC 7/10/72 - was from California
Jay Lee Watkins, EN1   12/26/68-8/69 An Thoi Roy, UT
Myron Clifford Watkins, SN/ETN3   3/67-3/14/68 Cam Ranh Bay Staff - Great Bend, KS
William E. Watkins, EN1   12/1/67-11/68
DaNang/Chu Lai - An Thoi ?retired EN1/Chief on 2/14/75? - was from Texas
Chris Herbert Wayland, GMGSN   10/3/68-1/69
DaNang/An Thoi was from Oregon
Leonard (Nmn) Weaver, EN2   11/4/68-9/69 An Thoi  
Walter Oliver Weaver, QM3   5/6/67-   was from Michigan
Gary Weiss      
Peter John Welle, GMG3   ??-11-2/70-?? Cat Lo *retired GMG1 3/19/1987 - was from Illinois
Lonnie Ray Wells, EM2   12/69-3/70 An Thoi was from Indiana
Ronnie Lee Welton, BMSN/3   6/28/68-    
Alfred W. Werdebaugh, EN2   5/6/67-   *retired EN1 7/16/79 - was from Maryland
Harry Michael West, GMG3   6/20/67-   was from Texas
Paul Arthur West, PN3   12/17/67-   *retired PNCS 10/31/88 - was from Oregon
Pete West, GMG3       ?was from Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas?
Gerald A. Wharton, QM2   10/2/68-    
Ben Wheeler   8/68-1/69
Qui Nhon/An Thoi was from Texas
James Newton Wheeler, BM3   5/17/68-    
Ronald L. Wheeler, SM2/1   6/16/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai ?from Kansas?
Donald Marion White, RD3   5/3/68-    
Murray (Nmn) White Jr, QM1   9/6/67-   *retired CWO4 3/19/92 - was from Virginia
Philip Anthony White, QM2   1970 DaNang advisor - retired QMC 5/31/91 - Virginia Beach, VA
Kenneth A. Whitehouse, QM1   7/30/68   ?retired QMC 6/21/76? - was from California
Charles E. Whitlock, YN2/1   5/1/68-   ?retired YN1 7/22/74? - was from Georgia
Robert Ray Wickham, EN3   ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? *deceased 6/10/1979 in an Escondido, CA car accident - made EN1
Richard Harry Wicks, GMG1/C 2/14/67-68 Cat Lo ?PCF 98? - Virginia Beach, VA
Ed Wiesner, EN?   67-68 Chu Lai ?PCF 56? - ?made chief and retired? - was from California
Danny Wilcox   ?65-66?    
Edward Tisdale Wilcox, RD3   7/27/68-7/69 DaNang *deceased 3/2/1975 in Palm Beach, FL
R.L. Wilkinson, EN2   10/65-??    
Donald R. Williams, RMC   5/31/68-    
William Willbanks   ?4/68-4/69? ?Cat Lo? Repair Division - ET Shack
Darryl Lee Williams, EN2   6/16/67-   *deceased 6/5/76 in Riverside, CA
Frederick Williamson, YN2   8/4/67-    
Keith Allen Williamson, EN2   8/20/67-   *retired ENC 1/31/82 - was from Maine
Louis Noble Wilson, EN2   12/26/68-   was from Ohio
Stephen Jan Wilson, RDSN   10/2/68-2/70 Cat Lo was from Idaho
Craig Lynn Winchell, QM2   5/15/68-    
Gerald D. Wininger, BM3   9/27/67-9/68 DaNang Orleans, IN
James Olee Wolf, GMG3   3/24/68-    
Jim or Jeff Womack, GMM3   7/68-?? DaNang  
James Stanley Womble, GMG2   8/11/68- 7/69 DaNang Plant City, FL
John Thor Wood, BM3   6/20/67-    
John William Wood Jr, RMSN/3 ?66-67? ?Cat Lo? ?PCF 35 for 20 months? - Matthews, NC
Stephen Walsh Wood, GMGSN   6/5/68-   was  from Illinois
Bernard Hatcher Woodard III, QM2   2/70-3/70 An Thoi *retired QMCM on 12/19/95 - Navarre, FL
Joseph Emerson Woods, GMGSN   6/5/68-   was from Texas
John Maynard "Jack" Worcester, GMGSN/3   6/28/68-69 DaNang Springfield, OR
Anthony Marcus Worsham, QM1 ?-11/69-2/70-? Cat Lo El Sobrante, CA
Richard A. Yanke, EN2   1967 Cam Ranh Bay ?Swiftee or Staff?
Thomas C. Yarokow, GMGSN   6/6/67-    
Theodore Robert Young, BM1   1/21/66-67 Qui Nhon *retired BM1 5/21/74 - *deceased 4/20/2006 in Fort Mill, SC
Joseph Zetter, RDSN   4/27/67-    
Anthony William Zoske, EM1       3 tours in RVN - *retired EM1 4/24/73, *deceased 12/5/05 in Snyder, CO
Non-Swiftee riders
Billy Joe Furrh, SFC   4/21/66-2/20/67 DaNang/Chu Lai assigned to NSA DaNang - retired HTCS 12/8/77 - Concho, AZ
John Kent Lundy, ETR3 1/66-1/68   USS Vance crewman - occasional swift rider - Vancouver, WA
William Michael Findlay 3/69-2/70   US Coast Guard - WPB-82316 CGC Point Mast - Baldwin, WI
Tom Mahoney     US Coast Guard - WPB crewman - Lancaster, PA
Mark Louis Romey, GM2 69/70 Cat Lo/Ha Tien US Coast Guard - fill in gunner on the swifts - Libby, MT
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Swift Boat Officers, but without a boat or crew assignment

Any entries new since the last update to the site, are shown in GREEN characters

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Name\Rank e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
John Quincy Adams   12/68- Qui Nhon  
Charles Albert "Socks" Adler Jr, LTJG/LT, OinC   12/15/67-12/12/68 Cat Lo ?PCFs 36, 98 & 32? - Indianapolis, IN
Leo Richard Allshouse II, LTJG   11/68- Qui Nhon  
Richard Cole Anthony, LTJG, OinC 11/69-4/70 Cam Ranh Bay ?PCFs 38, 64 & 60? - Westerly, RI
(James Clement) Bare, ENS, OinC   late 69/70 DaNang  
Richard J. Barker, LTJG, OinC   ?10/69-? Cat Lo/Sea Float left country 1/70
Stephan W. Barmgart, OinC       was from Coronado, CA
Arthur Dale Barnes, LTJG, OinC 6/6/67-6/3/68 An Thoi Baton Rouge, LA
Floyd Kenneth Baskette Jr, LTJG, OinC   2/20/66-1/6/67 DaNang PCFs 16, 22, and 99 - Denver, CO
John Lawrence Bayley, LTJG, OinC   10/3/68- DaNang  
Andrew Hirst Bevis Jr, LTJG, OinC 5/18/68-7/5/68 Cam Ranh Bay transferred to COMRIVPATFOR RVN - Powder Springs, GA
John Lewis Clark Black, LTJG, OinC   5/15/66-4/1/67 DaNang *deceased 2/19/93 in Steamboat Springs, CO
Thomas Edward Blount Jr, LCDR   6/68- Qui Nhon *retired Captain 7/19/96 - was from Florida
Leland Wayne Brantley, ENS/LTJG, OinC   1/21/66-1/9/67 DaNang/Qui Nhon was from Wrightsville, GA
Duane William Buckingham, LTJG, OinC   ??/65-12/1/66 An Thoi/Saigon Staff Admin 6/20/66-8/30/66 - OinC 8/30/66-11/22/66 - ?Niantic, CT?
Charles Emmett Budenz, LTJG/LT, OinC   5/9/67-4/20/68 Cat Lo  
Mead Taylor Cain, LTJG, OinC     New York, NY
Max Dean Caldwell, LTJG, OinC   6/16/67-6/3/68 Cam Ranh Bay was from Annapolis, MD
John Allan Clark, LTJG, OinC   3/8/68-7/5/68 Qui Nhon transferred to COMRIVPATFOR RVN
Marlin David Clausner Jr, LTJG/LT, OinC   9/20/67-9/16/68 An Thoi Auburn, WA
Donald Howard Coleman, LTJG, OinC   1/21/66-9/4/66 DaNang TRF to COMPHIBTRAPAC - was from Lake Stevens, WA
James Graham Colvin II, LTJG, OinC 12/26/67-
An Thoi/DaNang ?PCF 94? - New Port Richey, FL
Thomas Anthony Comeau, LTJG   1/16/68- Qui Nhon  
James E. Corey III, LTJG, OinC   10/69-2/70 An Thoi  
Warren P. Crosby, LTJG       Wenham, MA
Kent Duncan Crowley, LTJG, OinC   12/69-3/70 An Thoi left the navy 2/11/71
Eugene Joseph Cummings   11/1/68- An Thoi  
Robert Wendell Curry Jr, LT, OinC    5/9/68-7/13/68 DaNang transferred to CHNAVADGRU USMACV
Stephen Day Daulton, LTJG, OinC    3/8/68-69 DaNang was from Oakland, CA
John Carlton Dibble, LTJG, OinC       Great Falls, VA - Attorney
Paul Elliot Dodson Jr, OinC   1/69- Cam Ranh Bay North Kingston, RI
Gary Carl Duerkoop, LTJG, OinC       ?PCF 36? - Chicago, IL
Bruce (Nmn) Elliot, LTJG/LT   66-10/30/67    
Keith Lambert Erickson, LTJG/LT, OinC   9/20/67-9/16/68 DaNang was from Salem, OR
Harold E. Fleenon, LT, OinC   ??-7/66    
Richard Kern Fontaine, LTJG, OinC   ?1966? ?An Thoi? San Diego, CA
David George Frantz   1/16/68- Qui Nhon  
James Francis Giblin Jr, LTJG, OinC 11/14/68-11/69 Qui Nhon ?PCFS 18 & 80? - Errol, NH - law professor at Tufts University
Edward Eugene Golden, LCDR   8/30/67-8/28/68 ComCosRon 1 Chief of Staff
Larry Ralph Good, LT, OinC     Hays, KS
Patrick Skelly Grafton, LT, OinC   4/20/66-4/10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai became OinC Chu Lai Det 5/15/66 - deceased 2/2/2001 in Charleston, SC
Fred Greene, LTJG, OinC   ?1966-67? ?Cat Lo?  
Alexander John Grinz   8/22/67- An Thoi  
Homan Fitzgrerald Hallock III, LTJG, OinC 4/69-3/70? Qui Nhon ?PCF 47 & 45? - Denton, MD
Bill Halperin, OinC   69/70    
William John "New Kid" Hancock Jr, LTJG, OinC 12/23/66-12/12/67 Cam Ranh Bay Fairfax, VA
Joseph Edward Handley, LTJG, OinC   ?-10/69-? ?An Thoi/Cat Lo? detached 3/70 - ?retired Captain? - ?deceased 11/25/96 in Poulsbo, WA?
Ronald Dession Hanson, LT   6/26/67-6/11/68 CosRon 1 Material Officer
John Henry Harms, LTJG/LT, OinC   4/17/66-1/20/67 Cam Ranh Bay Ramona, CA
Larry Neal Harmon, LTJG, OinC   ?-1-2/70-? Cat Lo discharged 12/18/70
Tom Hartlage, LTJG, ?OinC?        
Carl Lester Hausmann, ENS, OinC   ?-11/69-2/70-? Cat Lo  
Richard Lee Harvey, LTJG, OinC   ??/65-12/20/66 An Thoi/Cam Ranh Bay was from Wichita Falls, TX
Martin Jules Hayer   3/69- Qui Nhon  
Gerald Leon Hayes   8/8/67- Cat Lo  
Henderson, ENS   5/69-? QuiNhon/AnThoi hit in the wrist by a .51 caliber round passing through the pilothouse, during the 9/3/69 ambush of PCF 10
Jack Adair Herriott II, LTJG/LT, OinC   (daughter) 5/15/66-5/4/67 Qui Nhon *deceased 7/29/76 in Springfield, VA
William Frederick Hill, LT, OinC 1970 An Thoi OinC PCF 3 then OPS Officer in An Thoi 1/70-11/70 * retired CDR 12/1/1988 - Reston, VA
Peter Carl Hilstrom, LT, OinC   4/3/66- Cat Lo  
Thomas K. Holloway, LTJG, OinC   2/69-2/70 An Thoi  
Wayland Keith Holloway, LTJG, OinC 1/69-12/69 Cat Lo Searcy, AR
John McBride Holmes, LTJG, OinC   8/17/66-8/15/67 DaNang was from California - *retired Captain 10/2/2000
Andrew Horn, OinC        
Harry Marshall Howton, LT, OinC 6/68-4/69   ?PCF-51? - Falls Church, VA
Vincent Gustav Huml, LTJG, OinC 5/18/68-7/10/68 DaNang transferred to COMRIVPATFOR RVN - Western Springs, IL
Frederick Lawrence Hurt   11/68- Qui Nhon  
Robert Carl Johnson, LTJG, OinC   67-2/11/68 Cat Lo/DaNang was from Pelham, NY
Robert Lawrence Johnson, LTJG, OinC   12/8/66-12/10/67 Cat Lo  
Wayne Elwood Johnston, LTJG   2/69- Qui Nhon  
William Donald Johnson, LTJG, OinC   2/11/68- Cat Lo  
Eugene Edward Kelly, LTJG, OinC   10/28/66-9/29/67 Cat Lo was from Arlington, VA
Anthony John Kibble, LTJG, OinC   10/67-10/14/68 Qui Nhon Newport, RI - *retired Captain 7/1/93
Robert Norman Kline, LTJG, OinC 4/70-4/71   ?PCFs-32, 40, 94, 9? - Kingston, WA
Calvin Albert Kodres Jr, LTJG/LT   5/18/68-6/20/68 Qui Nhon Transferred to CRD 52
Kipton C. Komler, OinC       was from Houston, TX
David Harvey Landis, CDR        
David Louis Larson, LTJG   66-6/6/67 Saigon/Cam Ranh Bay Staff
William Joseph Lecky, Staff   8/22/67- ?An Thoi? Devon, PA
James Theodore Lestor, LT, OinC   1/16/68- Qui Nhon ?XO NAVPHIBASE Coronado, CA?
Parker Seeley Linton III, LTJG   5/18/68-6/27/68 Qui Nhon *deceased 4/1/2000 in Sound Beach, NY
Charles Hump Lounsbury III, LTJG, OinC 7/28/66-5/24/67 Cat Lo Canterbury, CT
Robert Woodrow Lyons, LTJG/LT, OinC   9/25/66-9/16/67 An Thoi Norfolk, VA
David Merriman MacFarlane, LT, OinC   65-9/9/66 DaNang TRF to PHIBTRADET MARE - was from Chisholm, MN
David Frank MacGrath III, LTJG, OinC   2/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Miller Lash MacMillan, LTJG, OinC   3/7/67-11/16/67 Qui Nhon  
George W. Magee, OinC        
Andrews Steen Martin, OinC   1/16/68- Qui Nhon  
Chester Owen Martin, ENS, OinC   11/24/68- Cam Ranh Bay was from Waco, TX
Douglas (Nmn) Martin, ENS, OinC   11/24/68- Cat Lo  
Jerry Mays, OinC        
Patrick Thomas McCarthy, LTJG, OinC   12/8/66-12/10/67 DaNang San Diego, CA
Paul McCaully, LTJG, OinC        
Hugh Hines McDaniel II, LTJG/LT, OinC   66-4/8/67 Cam Ranh Bay deceased 5/22/2012 in San Diego, CA
John William McGinnis, LTJG, OinC   2/70-3/70 An Thoi  
Kenneth L. McGraw, LTJG    1/70-3/70 An Thoi  
George Franklin McGuire, LT   4/68-   ?retired LT 6/30/1974?
Robert Emmett McKenna, LTJG, OinC   4/3/66-1/5/67 Cat Lo was from York, ME
Kurt Michaels, LTJG, OinC       attended Ohio State University
Devereux (Nmn) Milburn III, LTJG, OinC   2/13/66- 1/26/67   was from Old Westbury, NY
Charles Louis Miller, OinC   11/12/68- Qui Nhon Division Commander - was from Buffalo, NY
John Hanson Mitchell III, LTJG/LT, OinC   2/10/68-1/8/68 Cam Ranh Bay/An Thoi  
William Leo Moll, LTJG, OinC   6/16/67-5/19/68 Cam Ranh Bay/DaNang  
Raymond Joseph Montminy, LTJG, OinC   ?1966? ?An Thoi? South Dartmouth, MA
Peter (Nmn) Moran, LTJG, OinC   6/3/67-5/19/68 Cat Lo  
William Henry Murphy, LTJG, OinC   10/9/67-11/19/67 Qui Nhon KIA 11/19/67 - was from Madison, WI
Alvin William Musgrave Jr, LTJG, OinC       left country 1/5/67- *retired Captain 8/19/92 - San Jose, CA
David Lewis Neal, LTJG/LT, OinC   12/15/67-12/6//68 Cat Lo Virginia Beach, VA
John F. Nuholl, LTJG, OinC   4/68-4/69 Qui Nhon  
Randall Eugene Offutt, LT, OinC   10/67- Qui Nhon was from Kansas - *retired LCDR 8/1/79
Alexander John Ogrinz III, LTJG/LT, OinC 8/22/67-8/14/68 ?An Thoi/Cat Lo? ?PCF 10? - deceased 12/19/96 in Baltimore, MD
Hillery Arthur Parrack   6/68- Qui Nhon  
William Warren Posenecker III, LTJG, OinC   7/5/68-69 DaNang Haleiwa, HI
John Francis Power, ENS/LTJG, OinC 12/68-6/11/69 Qui Nhon Waipahu, HI
David G. Prentiss, LTJG, OinC   ?-10/69-2/70-? Cat Lo detached July 1970 - was from Boston, MA
John W. Publsey, OinC       was from Dowagiac, MI
Timothy Charles Ragsdale, LTJG, OinC   11/28/67-68 DaNang/Chu Lai Modesto, CA
Robert Halteman Reller, LTJG, OinC 6/12/66-5/3/67 Cat Lo Gainesville, FL
Paul Herman Rizek, CWO2   5/68- CTF115 Staff Squadron Boatswain
?Billy? Roberts, LTJG, OinC   11/69-5/70 Cat Lo/Sa Dec ?PCF 87?
Leon Edward Robins, LTJG, OinC   10/21/67-
An Thoi/DaNang was from San Francisco, CA
John Snowden Robinson, LTJG, OinC 2/70-12/70 Sa Dec/Cat Lo/Cambodia ?PCF 24? - Sonora, CA
David Earl Rogers, LTJG, OinC   5/17/68- Qui Nhon arrived in country 5/9/68
Edson Joseph Rood, LTJG, OinC   10/9/67-10/2/68 Cat Lo  
James Warren Rote, LTJG, OinC   4/27/66-11/21/66
Cam Ranh Bay/DaNang *deceased 7/13/06 in Carmel, CA
Richard Paul Roy, LTJG, OinC   4/3/66-2/2/67 Cat Lo/DaNang was from San Diego, CA
R(ichard) L(ee) Schreadley CDR       ?retired CDR 11/1/73? - Charleston, SC
Richard Joseph Schwering, LTJG, OinC   9/5/68- Cam Ranh/Qui Nhon La Mesa, CA - ?Attorney?
Terence Edward Shanley, LTJG, OinC 8/69-12/69
12/69- 1/70
Cam Ranh Bay/Qui Nhon/An Thoi ?PCF 89, 90 & RVN advisor? - Troy, NY - attorney
Robert White Sharer, LTJG, OinC   12/15/67-68 Qui Nhon  
Thomas Russell Sheridan, LT, OinC   4/28/66-4/23/67 DaNang *deceased 6/20/13 in Boring, OR
Edward Leigh Shorr, LTJG, OinC   5/69-3/70 Qui Nhon  
James Harrell Smith, OinC   1/69- Qui Nhon was from Williamsburg, VA
Samuel Smith, LT, OinC   66-67 Qui Nhon left country 1/1/67
John J. Spanton, OinC        
Robert John Stankowski Jr, LT   8/68- Qui Nhon *retired US Navy Captain 6/30/90 - was from Pennsylvania
John S. Stolier, OinC       was from Akron, OH
John Samuel Stoller, LTJG, OinC   ??/65-7/22/66 DaNang/An Thoi  
T.S. Storch, LTJG, OinC       ?PCF 94?
Ronald Leon Street, LTJG, OinC   11/16/67-4/28/68
Cat Lo/Qui Nhon was from Midland, IL
Gary Lee Suarez, LTJG, OinC   10/69-3/70 An Thoi *deceased 9/18/11 in West Columbia, SC
Allyn Frederick Sullivan Jr, LTJG, OinC 1/31/67-1/19/68 An Thoi ?PCF 5? - Seekonk, MA
Kirby L. Talley, LT   8/2/67- Staff Maintenance Officer COMCOSRON 3
George Peter Theis, LTJG, OinC   10/28/66-9/11/67 An Thoi/Qui Nhon was from Hoffman Estates, IL and/or Bryn Mawr, PA
Roger Norman Thornton, LTJG/LT, OinC   12/15/67-12/10/68 Cam Ranh Bay was from Falls City, NE
Thomas Terrence Triplett, LT   10/31/67- Staff *retired Captain 7/19/91 - *deceased 11/9/02 in Virginia Beach, VA
Jack Vickler, OinC        
Parker Read Waite III, LTJG/LT   9/68- Qui Nhon  
Paul Edward Webster, LT       deceased 3 March 2013 in Jacksonville, FL - attorney/federal judge
Otto Cameron Wiegand Jr, LTJG, OinC   9/6/67-7/10/68 Cat Lo Asst Ops as of 6/1/68 - transferred to COMRIVPATFOR RVN
Kenneth Richard White   10/67- Qui Nhon  
James Joseph Willmott, LT, OinC   4/28/66-9/24/66
Cat Lo/An Thoi  
Charles Eugene Wyatt, LTJG, OinC   3/7/66-2/2/67 Cat Lo was from Birmingham, AL
John William Zickler, LTJG, OinC 2/9/66-1/29/67 Cat Lo ?PCF 31 - 3/66-6/66 & PCF 68 - 7/66-12/66? - Afton, NY
Douglas Lee Ziech (sp)   5/69- Qui Nhon  
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Assembled Crews but without a known boat assignment

Any entries new since the last update to the site, are shown in GREEN characters

David Bartlett "Buddah" Dunlap, LTJG, OinC   4/10/67-3/11/68 Cam Ranh Bay Coldwater, MS
Theodore Wayne Gushard, BM2 4/10/67-4/8/68 Cam Ranh Bay/Cua Viet Boise, ID - *retired BMC 4/30/81
the 2nd crewman (unknown)        
the 3rd crewman (unknown)        
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
?Baker, OinC?       aka 25 knot Baker
Job Simeon Whitecalf, GMG1   1/66-??/66 DaNang *deceased 11/24/81 in Wolf Point, MT - *retired GMGC on 8/2/71
William Byron Goodnow, EN3   1/66-??/66 DaNang Westbrook, ME
the 3rd crewman (unknown)        
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
the OinC (unknown)        
Arthur Joseph Provencher, QM2   ?-11-12/69-? Cam Ranh Bay/Cat Lo *retired QMCS 6/30/94 - Kenosha, WI
Terry Lee Warkentine, RD3 1969-70 Cam Ranh Bay/Sa Dec ?PCF 88  & 55? - Albuquerque, NM
the 3rd crewman (unknown)        
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Christopher Long Clark, LTJG, OinC   3/10/67-3/4/68 Cat Lo ?PCFs 36, 95 & 31? - was from Garden City, NY
Clyde Lee Turner, EN3 3/67-3/68 Cat Lo Modesto, CA
Richard Francis Minney, RM3       was from Pennsylvania
Charles (Chuck) Brashers       was from Riverside, CA
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Thomas Stephen O'Keefe Jr, LTJG, OinC   9/5/68-8/69 DaNang ?PCF 22 & 75? - *retired CDR 6/1/92 - Chevy Chase, MD
Robert Thomas "Mac" Maguire, QM2   9/6/68-    
James Edward Federspiel, BM3   9/6/68-   *retired BM1 7/19/84 - Louisville, KY
Claudio Ray Parras, EN3   9/6/68-   *retired ENC 7/31/84 - ?Santee, CA?
Harry George Gilbert, BMSN 9/6/68-   Hamden, CT - fell overboard while headed to Cua Viet (area 1A), late '68/early '69, he was in the water for at least 6 hours before being missed and then recovered
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Thomas Henry MacBain Jr, LTJG, OinC   12/23/66- 12/21/67 Cat Lo Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Gary Dale Jones, EM3     injured in Vung Tau 10/67 - Wilton, CA
Darryl D. Crawford, SA/SN   12/23/66-   Las Vegas, NV
Jerry Arthur Bailey, GM?       Tempe, AZ
Martinez, BM2       was from the South
Thomas, EM2       was from the South
Edward Peter Guzis, LTJG/LT, OinC 7/6/67-7/6/68 Cam Ranh/Cua Viet/An Thoi PCF 10, 45 & 81 - Bettendorf, IA
Jerry Ewing Husband, EN1   7/6/67-   *retired ENC 2/9/79 - *deceased 5/27/93 in Chino Valley, AZ
?Denny? Johnson, BM2        
Willie James Johnson, RD2   7/6/67-   was from Boston, MA area
Jewel Irvin Stogner, RD2   7/6-67-   made OS1 - Kodiak, AK
Robert Marshall Lake Jr, GMGSA/SN 7/6/67-   Salisbury, NC
John Wald Pugsley, LTJG, OinC 3/11//67-8/67
Cam Ranh Bay/Cua Viet Goodyear, AZ
Jay Walter Gustafson, EN2     Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Joseph John Rubino Jr, GMGSN ??-3/68   Haltom City, TX
(Allen Beryl) Haswell, SN   ??-3/68   ?was from Colorado?
Maurice Rasbury, SN       injured at Cua Viet - Mansfield, TX
Ross, BM1       replaced original BM
Harvey Albert Farha, EN3 6/1/67-4/68   replaced Gustafson - *deceased 5/11/12 in Wichita, KS
?SN?       replaced Rasbury
OinC   2/68-??   replaced Pugsley
Jack Ziegler, LTJG, OinC   2-3/66-3/4/67 Cat Lo ?PCF23? - was from the New England
Maynard, BMC       ?was from Washington?
Henry Hector Mendez Jr, RM2       San Antonio, TX
Carl Edmond Hanker, MR2       *retired MA1 6/30/77 - San Diego, CA
?Willard? Poe, SN        
Chris Jackson, SN       San Antonio, TX
Marc (Nmn) Janes Jr, LTJG, OinC 9/21/68- Cam Ranh Bay Gig Harbor, WA
Robert Stephen "Steve" Janes, LTJG, OinC 11/28/67-3/68
Cat Lo/Qui Nhon Maint Officer Qui Nhon 8/68-11/68 - New Port Richey, FL
Robert Gordon "Tommy"  Tucker, QM2   7/17/67-   Stowe, PA
Leroy Donald Morang, BM3   7/17/67-   made BM1 - was from Maine
Steven Verl Cappiello, RD3       Key Largo, FL
Daniel R. "Sully" Sullivan, GMG3   7/17/67-   was from Oregon or Washington
William Arthur Nelson, EN3/2   7/16/67-   Austin, MN
Harner, ENS, OinC        
Fred Herbert Potter, GMG3     Marina, CA
"Chico" Rodriquez, EN3        
Hecker, RM3   4/13/69-4/70 Qui Nhon/Cat Lo/Sa Dec ?PCF 52 & 64?
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
John Everson Chubb Jr, LTJG/LT, OinC 9/23/67-9/9/68 Cat Lo Eastville, VA
Roy Joseph Giroir, QM2 9/21/67-   Belle Rose, LA
Eric Howard Sesskin, QM2/1 9/21/67-   Temecula, CA
Gary Wayne Hutton, GMGSN 6/8/67- Cat Lo PCF 98, 54 - Punta Gorda, FL
the 4th crewman (ED?)        
the 5th crewman (?EN?)      


Charles Louis Volk Jr, LTJG, OinC   8/17/67-8/12/68 Cat Lo ?PCF 96? - *retired CDR 8/19/86 - *deceased 3/17/2001 in San Diego, CA
James Perry Keith, EN2/1 8/20/67-   *retired EN1 10/13/78 - from Jacksonville, FL
the 2nd crewman (unknown)        
the 3rd crewman (unknown)        
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Clay Walter Stuckey, LTJG, OinC   6/69-10/69 An Thoi Bedford, IN - Dentist
Robert Alan Gill, SM2   6/69-10/69   *retired SMCM 4/30/87 - Grant, AL
James Robert Beck, EN2 6/69-2/70   Poland, OH
William E. Williams, BM3   6/69-2/70 An Thoi  
 Russell (Nmn) Kern, RD3       WIA - was from Idaho
Charles Joseph Noll, GMG3/2 6/69-8/69   Bridgewater, NJ
Donald Paul Armstrong, LTJG, OinC   1/16/67-12/7/67 Cam Ranh Bay/Cua Viet was from Los Angeles, CA and/or Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Gregory J. Dunacusky     Harleysville, PA
Coleman, BM2        
Ralph (Carl) Yoney, BM       ?Glen Morgan, WV?
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Robert Alexander Finley, LTJG/LT, OinC   9/6/67-9/3/68 An Thoi ?PCF 10? - *retired LCDR 1/19/85 - Virginia Beach, VA
John W. Lehman Jr, EN2        
David Mattson Hensley, BM3       Mechanicsburg, MD
William Garrett Lockerman Jr, GMG3   4/20/68-9/68 DaNang responsible for destruction of North Vietnamese trawler by a US Coast Guard Cutter in early 1968 - Starke, FL
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Dennis Michael Williams, ENS/LTJG, OinC   3/69-4/69 Qui Nhon/An Thoi arrived in country 11/24/68
Joseph Raymond Kastner, QM2   6/68-3/69
Qui Nhon/An Thoi was from Montana
David Everett Fultz, EN2   3/69-7/69 An Thoi  
Dennis Michael Kelley, BM3   8/68-3/69
Qui Nhon/An Thoi on PCF 38 or 45 the day of the PCF 43 ambush - Jeannette, PA
John David Valencia, RD3 3/69-9/69 An Thoi Greeley, CO
Robert L. Ellis, RD3       ?Robert L. Ellis Jr, OSC (SW) stationed at Diego Garcia?
Ignatius Joseph Minervini, LTJG, OinC   11/16/67-5/16/68
An Thoi/DaNang Ramona, CA
Stuart Carl Jackson, QM2 4/18/68-11/68 DaNang Billings, MT
Charles Edward Settle, EN2 11/20/67-
An Thoi/Chu Lai *retired ENC 7/31/86 - Milan, IN
the 3rd crewman (unknown)        
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
James Joseph Maginn, LTJG, OinC 8/29/66-8/20/67 Cat Lo Manhattan Beach, CA
Kenyon Brent Parker, EN1       *retired LT 7/1/82 - Sorrento, FL
Krisakis, BM2        
Dennis Lavell Green, GMG3        Richland, WA
Danny Lee Hartley, SN       was from California
Don Parker, SN       had chronic seasickness and spent most of his year in the admin office as a yeoman
Higbee, LTJG, OinC       Virginia area - Grandfather was an Admiral
Kenneth Andrew Mimms, RM1       *retired RMC 7/10/72 - *deceased 2/10/99 in Lawton, OK
Chang, BM3       was from Los Angeles, CA area
Larry Grant Bonwell, RD3 4/66-4/67 Cam Ranh Bay ?PCFs 43, 46 & 47? - Morongo Valley, CA
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
the OinC (unknown)        
Gailen Peter Rhinehart, GMG2       *retired GMG1 1/7/77 - *deceased 8/25/1997 in Riverside, CA
Robert William Walker, GMGSN   66-67 Cam Ranh Bay Lombard, IL
Clyde L. "Buddy" Pilgrim, BM3/2   5/68-11/68
Cat Lo/An Thoi/DaNang *deceased 10/6/2012 in Anderson, SC
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
William Albert Shumadine, LTJG, OinC   6/28/68- An Thoi/Qui Nhon Suffolk, VA
Robert James Kajer, GMG1   67-68 An Thoi ?PCF 5? - *retired GMG1 11/11/71 - *deceased 3/6/03 in Mesa, AZ
Robert Earle Dooley, EN2 (SS)   3/11/68-   was from Oklahoma
Bobby Joe McRath, BM3   3/11/68-   Florissant, MO
David Draye Jacques, QM2/1   4/20/68-   was from New York
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
the OinC (unknown)        
Ivy L. Johnson, QM2   2/19/68-   was from Texas
Joseph Anthony Billiot Jr, BM3   7/13/68-   *deceased 10/6/2005 in Marrero, LA
John Joseph Keresztenyi, RD3 7/13/68-   Bronx, NY
Grant Lee Wilson, EN3   7/25/68-3/10/69 DaNang/Chu Lai ?PCF 6? - *retired ENC 3/19/92 - Shelton, WA
Martin Gerald Baca, GMG3   7/23/68-   was from California
James Richard Lamping, LTJG/LT, OinC   7/6/67-??
Cam Ranh/Cua Viet/An Thoi/DaNang *retired LCDR 5/19/85 - Laurel, MD
William Martin Morgan, EN1   4/20/67-7/68 DaNang was from Oklahoma
Richard Carlton Hall, BM2   4/20/67-7/68 DaNang *retired BM1 12/19/81 - was from Pennsylvania
Thomas Anthony Polaski, RD3   10/16/67-    
James Russell Wolf, GMGSN/GMG3 4/20/67-7/68 DaNang Port Trevorton, PA
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
the original OinC (unknown)   5/69-6 or 7/69 DaNang  original DaNang OinC left the crew in late June/early July 1969
the second OinC (unknown)   6 or 7/69-??    
David Green, QM2   5/69-5/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo/Sea Float/An Thoi was from Chicago, IL
Forrest Dennis Whitegon, EN3 5/69-5/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo/Sea Float/An Thoi WIA in late June/early July 1969 (gunshot) - Topeka, KS
Robert Ray Clay, RDSN   5/69-5/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo/Sea Float/An Thoi Cordova, TN
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Crew 12C
Richard Joseph Hassett, LTJG, OinC   2/9/68-2/69 Qui Nhon ?PCF 63? - was from Crystal Lake, IL
Roy Eldridge Cobble, BM2   2/13/68-   *retired BMC 10/31/80 - was from Tennessee
Robert Charles Houchen, RDSN   2/23/68-   was from Oklahoma
John David Valencia, RDSN/3 2/13/68- An Thoi Greeley, CO
Robert Carl Neilson Jr, GMGSN 2/13/68-   Portland, ME
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Crew 14C
John Foster Scholl, LTJG/LT, OinC 4/29/68-4/69 Qui Nhon ?PCF 59? - Lineville, AL
James Marshall Trammell Jr, QM2   2/24/68- Qui Nhon Cocoa, FL
Phillip Allen Conrad, EN3/2   10/23/67- Qui Nhon  
Raymond John Poons, QMSN/3 6/23/68- Qui Nhon Escondido, CA
Ronald Lee Sivley, BM3/2   2/24/68- Qui Nhon Muldrow, OK
Stephen Ray Crick, GMG3   12/15/67- Qui Nhon Ingram, TX
Ronald Frank Tessada, RD3/2 3/9/68- Qui Nhon Fresno, CA
Carl Benson Tilley, BM3/2   4/10/67- Qui Nhon Lebanon, TN
Frederick Lee Brady, EN3   5/3/68- Qui Nhon trained in Coronado 5/6 thru 7/5/68 - ?retired ENC 1/19/90? - was from North Carolina
Donald Luby Carter, QM2   7/16/67- Qui Nhon ?retired QM1 9/3/74? - from the east coast
Frank Joseph Loria, BMSN   7/13/68- Qui Nhon trained in Coronado 5/6 thru 7/5/68
Raymond Leslie Kuykendall Jr, BMSN   10/3/68- Qui Nhon Athens, PA (giant of a man)
Jerrell David Scroggs, BMSN/3   3/9/68- Qui Nhon deceased 7/15/1970 in Beaumont, TX
Gerald W. Fountaine, EN2   6/16/67- Qui Nhon  
Crew 15A
James Harold Howser, LTJG/LT, OinC   10/15/66-5/14/68 Qui Nhon was from Eufaula, OK
Edgardo J. Obenza, EN1       *retired ENC 7/26/74 - was from Florida
Donald J. Moore, BM2        
Samuel K. Kalama Jr, GMG3   10/15/66-   was from Hawaii
Richard George Thibault, RMSN/3   10/15/66-   was from California
Jackie Will Raynes, SA   10/15/66-   Phoenix, AZ
Crew 16B
Harry Brown Watters Jr, LTJG, OinC   2/2/68-2/69 Qui Nhon *deceased 8/1/1994 in Houston, TX - attorney
David John Heisler, BM2   2/1/68-   *deceased 3/3/1969 in Pelican Rapids, MN
Rodolfo (Nmn) Huerta, QM2   2/4/68-1/69   was from California
James Charles Edwards, GMG2 (daughter) 2/4/68-1/69   *deceased 5/9/2010 in Aston, PA
Ralph Wayne Lambert, RD3   2/4/68-1/69   ?retired OS1 8/31/84? - was from West Virginia
John Wallace Wyatt, GMGSN/3 1/30/68-8/68   Sun City, AZ
Crew 23B
Joseph Francis Patton Jr, LTJG, OinC   2/24/68-12/9/68 Qui Nhon ?PCF 61 or PCF 52? - Boston, MA
James Marshall Trammel Jr, QM2   2/24/68-   transferred early to Crew 25B w/ LTJG Hugh Taylor
Dennis James Makovsky, EN2 2/24/68-   Whitehall, PA
Charles Lester Trahan, BM3/2   2/24/68-
An Thoi *deceased 2/26/07 in Abbeville, LA
Roger Lee O'Diam, RD3   2/24/68-   Peebles, OH
James Arthur Wruck, GMGSN   2/24/68-   Franklin, NC
Joseph Francis Patton Jr, LTJG, OinC   12/9/68-2/11/69 An Thoi  Boston, MA
John Douglas Singleton, EN1 12/68-2/69 An Thoi *retired ENC 10/31/1982 - Pelham, NH
Gordon D. Wagoner, RD3/2   2/69-7/69 An Thoi Minnetonka, MN
Raymond John Poons, QMSN/3 6/23/68-   Escondido, CA
Stephen Jacob Brown, QM3   3/9/68-    
Stanley Gustav Simonson, GMG3 4/5/68-   Goldbar, WA and Tucson, AZ
Crew 24A
Richard David Williams III, LTJG, OinC   11/13/66-11/10/67 DaNang  retired RADM 4/1/97 - Washington, DC
Henry, RMC        
James Lewis Richardson, BM2   11/66-11/67 Chu Lai/Cua Viet/Hue ?made chief and retired? - Oaklyn, NJ
Joseph Walter Urey, GMG3 11/66-10/67 Qui Nhon Mercer, PA
Ed Wiesner, EN       ?PCF 56? - made chief and retired
Larry Haskett, SN       was from California
Crew 39
Arnold Lee Glass, LTJG, OinC   2/7/66-4/17/66
Cat Lo/Cam Ranh Bay ?PCF 26? - Naples, FL
Henry (Nmn) Shealey Jr, BM1   1967 Cam Ranh Bay *retired BMC 9/30/74 - Indianaapolis, IN
Lyman Ethelbert Palmer Jr, EN1     *retired EN1 11/30/79 - Port Orchard, WA
James Thorpe, GMG3       ?Redding, CA?
Kyme Ronald Scuffham, RMSN/3 66-67   Peoria, IL
Werner "Red" Meyer, SN     Daytona Beach, FL
Crew 43
Stuart Alan Jewell, LTJG, OinC 2/66-1/67 DaNang/Qui Nhon arrived in country 2/20/66, left 2/5/67 - San Diego, CA
Albert Wayne Porter, BM1       *deceased 3/17/10 in Port Hadlock, WA
Joseph W(illiam) Wall Jr, EN1       ?San Antonio, TX? - was from San Diego, CA area
David W. Cristee, RM2       St Albans, WV
Charles F. Overly, GMG2       *retired GMG1 3/28/72 - ?Jeannette, PA?
Jon Joseph Seigert Sr, QM3       *deceased 1/5/11 in Keansburg, NJ
Donivan Ray Murphy, SN       Carriere, MS
Roger Edwin Brown, GMG3     Pontotoc, MS
Crew 45
William Edward Hand, LT, OinC   4/3/66-5/14/66
Cat Lo/Qui Nhon ?PCF 57? - Annadale, VA
Richard N. Pigott, BM2       was from Texas
Robert Ray Wickham, EN2       was from Missouri
Philip Jack Stolz, GMG3       was from Idaho
Israel Simms "Boyd" Groves Jr, RMSN/RM3     Kansas City, MO
Jerome Louis Jenkins, SN       Persia, IA
Crew 58B
William James Locke III, LTJG, OinC   7/13/68-6/69 An Thoi San Jose, CA - All trained together in Coronado 5/6-7/5/68
Gerald Robert Horrell, BM3   7/13/68- An Thoi KIA 1/5/69
Michael (Nmn) Manno, QM3   7/13/68-    
George Walter Jones, EN3   7/13/68-    
David Marion Alston, GMG3/2   7/13/68-   Columbia, SC
Francis John Stevens Jr, BM3 7/13/68-   Sandwich, MA
Crew 67
Robert Arthur Marshall, LTJG, OinC 6/2/66-1/23/67 Qui Nhon No permanent boat - used PCF 62 thru 65 - Ambler, PA
Joe Paul Reeves, BM1       *retired BMC 7/2/74 - *deceased 1/4/80 in Escambia, FL
Robert J. Wilson, EN1        
David W. Christee, RM2       Saint Albans, WV
Donald A. Moser, GMG3       was from Iowa
Raymond Bradford Fuller, GMG3     Louisville, OH
Crew 71B
Ralph Paul Dobson, LTJG/LT, OinC   7/26/68-7/69 Qui Nhon/An Thoi Bothell, WA
Kurt Eugene Thiele Jr, QM2   7/27/68-   Midland, VA
David Everett Fultz, EN2   7/27/68-    
Elias Duran Leyva, BM3 8/20/68-   San Diego, CA
David L. Richardson, GMG3   7/28/68-    
Terry Lee Stocker, SA/SN   7/28/68-    
Crew 77
Joseph Francis Cahill Jr, LTJG, OinC 5/15/66-4/6/67 Qui Nhon St. Albans, VT
Ben Profeta Robles, ENC       *retired ENC 12/14/73 - was from Nevada
Robert Pet Heinz, BM1       *retired BMC 4/10/75 - was from Illinois
John F. Schober, BM3        
Michael D. Crawford, GMG3        
Michael E. Brown, RMSN        
Crew 78B
Francis Edward Nuessle Jr, LTJG, OinC 8/12/68-69 DaNang ?PCF 56? - Montrose, PA
James Walter Jordan, EN2   8/68-69 DaNang was from New York
Allan G. Howerton, EN3   8/68-69 DaNang Scottsville, KY
Thomas Harold King, GMG3   8/68-69 DaNang  
the 4th crewman (unknown)        
the 5th crewman (unknown)        
Crew 79
George Kemb Montgomery, LTJG/LT, OinC   6/2/66-4/11/67 Qui Nhon  
Hugh Martin Nix, BM1       *retired BMCM 12/1/88 - Stockbridge, GA
Thomas Elbert Wagner, RM2       *retired RM1 7/28/71 - Lexington, TX
Edward Douglas Tilley, EN2     *retired ENC 10/4/77 - Jackson, SC
Charles William Gelderman, GMG2       *retired GMG1 1/31/74 - was from Pennsylvania
David W. Medina, SN        
Crew 79A
Robert Lee Brown, LT, OinC 10/1/67-4/10/68 An Thoi San Diego, CA
Joseph R. Demerse, EN2       Barre, VT
Michael P. McHargue, GMG2       Independence, KY
Joe Tavera Cruz, RD3       was from Indiana
Thomas Richard Scott, RD3     Boca Raton, FL
Frank (Nmn) Gutierrez Jr, RD3        
Crew 79B        
George Martin Leber Jr, LTJG, OinC   8/12/68-12/68 Qui Nhon Newport, RI
Elbert Lee Tharp, BM2   3/24/68-   *retired BM2 12/31/80 - deceased 9/4/02
Gary Arnold Helvey, EN2   8/13/68-   *deceased 8/30/06 in Cawker City, KS
James Carson Stinson, BM3   8/14/68-    
James Thomas Lloyd Jr, RD3        
Richard William Stindl, GMG3   8/16/68-    
Crew 82
William Stanley Ulrich, LTJG, OinC

5/16/66-4/11/67 Qui Nhon San Diego, CA
Keith H. Mittelstadt, BM2       *retired BMC 8/20/79 - Rochester, WA
George E. Mack, RM2        
Jimmy Vernon Batchelor, EN2       Sequim, WA
Michael A. Wicks, GMG2        
Richard Joseph Townsend, SN       ?retired BM? 12/31/89? - was from Indiana
Crew 87
Robert Walter Johns Diehl, LT, OinC   6/2/66-5/28/67 Qui Nhon medevaced 3/8/67 - *retired LCDR 4/19/83 - San Diego, CA
James S. Pearson, EN1        
Franklin C. Collins, BM2       was from South Carolina
L.G. Godwin, GMG2        
Walter Anderson, RM3        
Charles Jackson, SN        
Crew 90
Gerard Dennis Farrell, LT, OinC 6/2/66-11/1/67 Qui Nhon Springfield, PA
Hillard Buster Davis, EN1       Kannapolis, NC
George Allen Franks, BM2       *retired BM1 7/30/76 - was from New Jersey
Neal Charles Stone, RM3     Rohnert Park, CA
Dallas Harris Jr, GMG3        
Paul Calvin Alexander, GMGSN 3/66-12/67   Bastrop, TX
Crew 97C
John Wayne Hoeche, LTJG, OinC   9/14/69-8/70 DaNang/Chu Lai Plano/Dallas, TX
Francis Michael Hanrahan, QM2       *retired QMC 4/30/84 - *deceased 1/27/06 in Seaford, DE
Charles Lee Horton Jr, EN2 (SS)       Decatur, GA
Hugh James Griffiths, RDSN       was from Oregon
Bradley Allen Johnson, RDSN       was from Arizona
James Edwin Morgan, GMGSA     Spring City, TN
Crew 106C
Louis Joseph Marucheau, LTJG, OinC       Boulder, CO
William Larry Barnes, QM2       *retired QMCS 11/19/85 - was from Texas
Keith Craig Harris, RD3   Cat Lo ?PCF 71? - Murphysboro, IL
Marion C. Boiling, EN3        
David Lee "Tiny" Ajax, GMG3 1970 Cat Lo/Sa Dec Coronado, Panama
Steven Edward Weekley, GMG3     *deceased 1/16/2013 in Columbia, SC
Crew 107C
Richard Gresham Stoneburner Jr, LTJG, OinC       Wellington, FL
Klaus W. Loquastto, QM2        
Robert H. Crone, EN2        
Gregory Dane Olsen, EN3     Trinity, TX
Raymond J. Charpentier, GMG3        
Alvis Wayman Jacks, RDSA       Kenmare, ND
Crew 108C
the OinC (unknown)        
William Aubrey Harp, QM2   10/69-??   was from Alabama
Eric Lynn Sedlacek, BM3   10/69-??   Fresno, CA
Charles Wilbur Hunt, EN3 10/69 -2/70-?? Cat Lo Titusville, NJ
Robert Leroy Kern Jr, RDSA   10/69-??   *retired OSCS 9/30/90 - was from Ohio
Crew 112        
Newell Chase Bossart, LTJG, OinC 6/12/66-6/8/67 Qui Nhon Medina, WA
Bobby Gene Johnson, EN1       *retired CWO4 7/1/86 - was from Mississippi
Carroll Gene Dunson, BM2       *retired BMCM 12/1/87 - Clarkson, KY
William Lee Stephenson, GMG3       was from Ohio
David Leroy English, RMSN       was from Pennsylvania
Richard E. Perrine, RMSN        
Andrew Louis Pohorence Jr, SN       *deceased 3/21/75 in Cleveland, OH
Hugh Leonard Webb, LTJG, OinC 9/9/66-2/24/67 Qui Nhon transferred 2/24/67 to the NAVHOSP at San Diego, CA - Navarre, FL
Crew 122
Richard Stuart Satter, LTJG/LT, OinC   9/3/66-8/15/67 Qui Nhon Bedford, NH
Franklin C. Collins, BM2       was from South Carolina
Ira Clinton Hudson Jr, EN2       *retired EN1 2/25/77 - was from California
David M. Smith, RM3        
Lawrence Terry Kassha, GMGSA       *deceased 3/19/2009 in Marinette, WI
John Joseph Holle, SA/SN       was from Iowa
Crew 124        
Thomas Nelson Richman, LTJG, OinC   9/3/66-8/20/67 Qui Nhon *deceased 1/27/03 in Millersville, MD
Leroy Smith, EN2        
Leon A. Jouet, BM3       New Orleans, LA
Timothy Alan Westbury, RM3       Blue Mounds, WI
Jerry Lee Smith, GMM3     Davenport, IA
Bobby M(aurice) Kemp, GMGSN       ?retired GMG2 9/11/70? - Okeechobee, FL


If you have any corrections, additions or amplifying information to any of the data presented here, please contact Larry Wasikowski at: or call (402) 331-2504

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